Legacy Walk Question

Looking at the webcam now, there are 4-5 people with paper/maybe? clip boards walking around the bricks. Heads Down like they are checking the bricks.

What could they be doing?? *curiosity*

I know some bricks are chipped up, but,

Cedar Point....

If you ever decide to remove my -or any- brick I truly HOPE you give folks a chance to claim them.

Ours has family names, hometown.... including a name of a passed away fam member.

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Wouldn't be much of a legacy walk if they took away the legacy bricks. Don't be concerned. If I had to venture a guess, I'd guess that they're just seeing how the bricks are holding up with the foot traffic and weather, or taking inventory of how many available spaces they have or something.

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Oh, availability is no problem. I’m not sure the program was as successful as they had hoped. If they re-introduce them I’m not surprised.

I dunno, it sure seemed like there were plenty of them when I finally found my brick earlier this year.

I'm blanking on when they pulled out the splash pad, but I'd venture that was a COVID casualty. I know when they got rid of that they shuffled around a lot of the bricks, which is also why they took down the original brick finder.

Legacy bricks are always kind of a tricky thing because on one hand you want them where they're going to be seen, but past a certain level of foot traffic and you may end up reordering those bricks more than you'd like.

Will say it'd be nice to get a modernized version of the water globe back or some other non-splashable water feature.

Hopefully they’re making a better map that makes it easier to find your brick. Mine wasn’t even in the same quadrant the map said it was in.

In my opinion, they overdid the size of the area and should have probably kept it just to the middle area. Many of the bricks in the outside sections are in rough shape due to being driven over and water puddling on top of them. There are also TONS of empty bricks. I did notice on a recent visit that some new bricks appeared between the center and Kiddie Kingdom with many of the Cedar Point/Fair execs and the Cedar Fair or Cedar Point logo on them (different from what was available to the public).


I'd almost argue if there was some way they could integrate a brick wall that was part of a backdrop to an area, like the seating area between Valravn and Coasters, that would be much easier to shelter and wouldn't have to deal with the constant foot traffic.

I'm thinking of Leave a Legacy at Epcot, and having it be vertically oriented was definitely the right idea... the location not so much, but that's being (or has already been) remedied.

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I want my legacy brick to be underneath the vinegar bottle at the Happy Friar near the Gemini. I've spent countless hours pouring vinegar onto my fries at that exact spot. Generations down the road should take notice of a legend as they reach for their vinegar bottle. Proceed with caution though, my eventual demise will come from clogged arteries from too much vinegar and cheese sauce mixture. Turns out that combination is potent, and fills up your arteries quickly, according to my cardiologist, but i digress....

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That Crazy Dan:

I'm blanking on when they pulled out the splash pad, but I'd venture that was a COVID casualty.

Legacy Walk , which replaced the splash pad, was announced in late 2019, long before COVID was a thing.


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I got a brick when it was first announced. And within a few days of my child's birth, I bought her a brick in 2021. The newer brick was put in with what seems to be a group of other new bricks. Maybe they are figuring out the best place to put new ones this upcoming off-season or working on the map for already placed bricks

Been visiting yearly with my now wife to celebrate our anniversary since 2010. Proposed on top of Valravn in '17 during the Sunrise Thrills Tour. Proud owner of two bricks in the Legacy Walk and have a piece of Wicked Twister

I've read someplace that the sales of bricks have concluded, that it was a 150th anniversary only thing....

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The park's web site confirms that is the case. I agree that the sporadic placement of the occupied bricks is somewhat interesting.

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Yes, I was late to the game. When I finally tried to pull the trigger on a legacy brick, I was no longer able to do so. I assumed with all of the empty spaces that it would still be an option. That's where procrastination gets you.

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I’d bet they will have them available In the future. With so much space, and money to be made, it’s a guarantee.

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The bicentennial is just 48 summers away.

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If I had to guess, I'm betting the deal with the brick manufacturer was probably for a fixed number of bricks, and once that many people had ordered, that's that unless they order another batch, regardless of the available space on the midway.

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