Lee Jewett October 11, 1934 - September 24, 2022

It's a pretty safe bet, based on the ages that appear to be on this site these days, that none of you ever met Lee or knew of his existence.

He was a great guy, willing to take a few moments out of his day to answer someones questions, or invite you to some behind the scenes tours.

Safe travels good sir. Your impact on Cedar Point will live on.


June 11th, 2001 - Gemini 100
VertiGo Rides - 82
R.I.P. Fright Zone, and Cyrus along with it.

Lee Jewett was truly a class act. So much of what we know as Cedar Point today was born in his imagination. The park would be a very different place if it hadn't been for his inspiration. Godspeed.

Really appreciated his contributions to the park. May he Rest In Peace.

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Didn’t know him well, but, often crossed paths in the Employee Cafeteria. Stand up guy. RIP

1974: Catering Slave for Interstate United
1975-77: Catering Manager for Cedar Point

Never met him, but definitely knew of his existence. His obituary reads like a resume of awesomeness. A true titan of the amusement industry. RIP.


I got to know Lee a little bit when I worked at the park in the mid-90s. I will echo the sentiments of others that he was a class act...and I'll add that I would be willing to bet he was one of the most well liked and respected executives in the company. He treated his people well, which I suppose you would expect from a man in charge of the creative endeavors of the company. I posted some other thoughts on Coasterbuzz but I am glad his contributions to the park we all love are being recognized and documented.

"You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world...but it requires people to make the dreams a reality."

-Walt Disney

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