Landscaping and trees

As much as I love roller coasters and can't wait to ride MF, I wonder how (if) Cedar Point will "fill in" the landscape after construction has completed.

CP has always been good about nicely landscaping rides, but with MF, I especially wonder if any "foliage" will be restored to the island (i.e. Paddlewheel Excursions won't be the same if you can always see the queue and dock), and what, if any, landscaping will be provided the CP&LE railroad on the Bay side. (It seems to me one of the nicest points about the train was the trees through which you traveled to get to Frontier Town.)

I know the area is changed forever; I just wondered if anyone knew if CP had any concrete (no pun intended) plans yet for landscaping when construction is completed.
On cp&le railroad you will be able to see lake Erie which isnt that bad. I bet they will have Millenium Force nicely landscaped when you are spending 27 million dollars you don't want it to look like crap.
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Keep in mind that the trees don't have leaves in the pictures, either.
I feel your pain Cruiser.:(

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