King's Dominion recommendations?

So I know this is only peripherally related to CP, but the family and I are headed south for our annual beach week, and are doing an overnight stop at King's Dominion using our Platinum Passes. CP is our "home park", and this will be our first time at King's Dominion. My wife and I will ride pretty much anything, and my son is 4. Any recommendations or must-do rides/attractions?

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If you can’t do everything, 100% do intimidator 305,volcano and twisted Timbers. Some of the other rides you will find at Kings island like flight of fear and backlot stunt coaster so you can skip those.

Grizzly is fun in the dark, anaconda is an arrow that goes over water, and racer 75 is similar to the racer at Kings island

I haven’t been there this year for twisted Timbers but Volcano usually has the longest line if it’s open (broken a lot like ttd) so hit that first thing. Intimidator usually doesn’t have a super long line so you may want to wait to hit that after volcano and the rmc.

Also hit Dominator, Drop Tower, and a friendly FYI: they have a nice water park.

Jake Padden
13-Tiques/Wave Swinger
12-Camp Snoopy; Tiques/Wave Swinger
11-CP & LE Railroad Platform; Cedar Creek Mine Ride; Tiques/Wave Swinger

I'm also going to KD for the first time at the end of this month, and just a heads up, Volcano has been down most of the summer, and doesn't look like it will be up anytime soon. Pretty bummed about that. At least we have I305 and TT to look forward to!

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This was my review from 5 years ago but I'm sure much of it is still relevant, it's worth the trip!

On our way to Myrtle Beach last week, we stopped at Kings Dominion for a day and had a great time. Here are a few thoughts about our day:

- This park reminds me a LOT of Geauga Lake for many reasons. It seemed very similiar in size, had some retro rides (Flying Eagle, Log Flume, The Crypt (which is just like the Texas Twister), and Wooden coasters). In addition, the park was wooded and just had that nostalgic feel to me like Geauga Lake. The crowds were not bad at all, surprisingly because it was a beautiful day and a Friday- this reminded me of GL as well.
- Their water park (Waterworks) is very spread out and got pretty crowded around 2pm. We enjoyed it though and my son's favorite part was this bubble pool which was really cute. I wish Soak City had one! Basically it's a huge inflatable pool and on the inside they pump bubbles and all of the children get covered and have a blast.
- My favorite part was going on the Avalanche roller coaster which was just like Cedar Point's old Avalanche Run, oh what memories it brought back!
- They also have a kids version of Wind Seeker which was pretty tall and you could move the wings to fly out and in. I've been so afraid to go on the Wind Seeker due to it breaking down and my fear of heights, this was a great "in between" ride and I almost had a panic attack on it which makes me believe I'll never ride Wind Seeker lol
- They have the cutest children's car ride. It reminds me of safety town in that it's a little city with traffic signs and lights and the kids can drive battery powered cars that are not on a track. While the ride was great, the line moved VERY slow as the safety checks are LONG!
- They have a really nice "mouse" ride called Ricochet which we loved

All in all it was an awesome day and a great way to use our passes once again. I'd recommend it to anyone headed down south who wants to stay overnight to break up the ride!

I had a great day and a half at Kings Dominion last week and it quickly claimed a spot as one of my favorite parks. Twisted Timbers is great. I305 is as insane as all the reviews say. Volcano was down, and sounds like it has been most if not all of the season. If you ever went to Geauga Lake, it is always great to ride Dominator again and it was running great. The old GL Americana Ferris Wheel is here too. I also really enjoyed the log flume. I thought Grizzly was a pretty big dud though.

I was there on a Monday and Tuesday and was easily able to hit everything multiple times. Do it all if you can, everything is worth a ride.

Have a blast! It was easily one of my new favorite parks.

A lot of good tips already. For Volcano, I would say not only ride it, but ride the front. It is worth it because you stay up high for a long time and the view is part of the experience. The wait for it is long, but not as long as Millennium Force. Also, I think that White Water Canyon is one of the best river rapids rides out there.

Say NO to Maverick!

The wait’s gonna be really long. It’s down.

Thanks for all the tips! Bummer about Volcano being down, but I definitely will try to hit several of the others mentioned. We may do the water park as well... my little guy swims like a fish. Nice to hear the comparisons to Geauga Lake - I have lots of great memories of going there when I was a kid. I'll try to get on Dominator.... I don't think I've ridden it since it was Batman themed :)

My favorite view on Dominator is in the loop seeing the Eiffel Tower upside down. I think it is a great ride.

My last visit to Kings Dominion was last season. I305 really does nothing for me. It's fast and that's about it for me. (Voyage at Holiday World is still my #1). I like Intimidator at Carowinds more the I do I305. On the other hand Dominator is the ride I come for. I miss having that ride only 30 minutes from my home. I usually get to KD on Easter weekend. I average 35+ rides on Dominator over the course of he multi-day visits. Mostly in back row rightmost seat.

Other then that I echo what everyone else says regarding Kings Dominion.

Back left is where it's at on Batinator for the whip down the first drop.

I liked i305 but didn't love the intense gray out I got coming out of that turn. It is sort of Millennium Force meets Maverick, where you have a very tall and impressive first drop and then snappy turns.

Kings dominion:
Go to the back first. Intimidator is almost always a walk on for the first hour as it’s at the back of the park, as everyone else runs to volcano first to see if it’s actually working.
Good chance volcano is down, and it’s a 20 minute wait as soon as it opens. Racer 75, grizzly and twisted timbers form a nice back to back to back. Dominator is a walk crowded in the AM as it at the front.

The water park is actually pretty good, although they took down their tornado funnel raft slide earlier this year.

Twisted timbers is good, and because of its location, wait times can be pretty reasonable. However, they are extremely strict about loose items on that ride. No hats, glasses, etc. pay the 4 dollars and just put stuff in a locker.

Back to Intimadater it’s still tends to cause gray outs on the first turn, so riding multiple times in a row is a challenge. But if u go during the week, especially in the AM, you reride several times all seats except the front row.
It will never happy, but if intimidator was sent to cedar point, WOW.

When I was there, i305 had a pretty strict no reride rule. Everything else allowed rerides when the queues were empty, but the i305 crew made everyone walk around. And given the nature of the ride, it isn't a bad policy.

I would also like some KD advice, if that's okay.

I went to Kings Dominion for the first time in early April this year. The park closed after three hours of operations due to temps of 40 degrees and oncoming snow. Luckily, almost everything was open, including Volcano and I305 (my 100th coaster, also got a zen ride on it). I got every coaster credit except for three: Woodstock Express, Backlot Stunt Coaster, and Twisted Timbers.

Now, I want to hit up BGW for the first time and get my remaining credits at KD. I plan on going on a weekday in late July. Could I do all of the major rides at BGW once and the three remaining coasters at KD in one day, or would I need to split it? How bad have Twisted Timbers lines been on summer weekdays? Should I get a Quick Queue at BGW, or should I be fine if I get Tempesto and InvadR done first?

Anything is possible. But it would be a grueling day and doesn't sound very enjoyable with the rushing and driving.

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