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I received a handful of passes for Cedar Point for my birthday earlier this month and was beginning to plan my first trip there since 2006. My parents would typically bring me in late August and I remember the weather being good and not crazy busy.

I’m getting married in the fall so my other half would prefer to go earlier in the summer to get ready for the wedding so we were thinking mid June to go. Any reasons we might regret this decision? Here in upstate NY the weather is usually really nice that time of the year.

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Hello to another upstate NY-er! Weather in June is usually pretty good. But remember the Ohio kids have been out of school for a few weeks at that point, so crowds are starting to pick up. If you can go the first weekend in June, that Friday is CoasterMania. Some of my favorite visits were for CoasterMania.

Cuse44 -

Thanks for the reply! Didn’t think about that. I’m going for 4 days and staying at breakers so I’m still thinking June 19-22

Avg. temps for that time period is 78/80 highs and 61/65 lows. Lake Erie water temp greatly affects the temperatures at Cedar Point. June is typically very pleasant. Schools may be out but the parents are working so the family outings peak in July.

Shane Denmark -

What, the parents don’t work in July?

Early June or June in general is a great time to go because 1) the crowds are not as large as the six weeks from July 1-August 15 or so and 2) the park is usually staffed up and operating nicely as compared to May or late August.

Weather should be fine in June.

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