June or August?

Hey everyone, new member here. I'm planning a trip to cedar point with my girlfriend and a couple friends and we plan on staying at hotel breakers. We plan on going during the week so it will be less crowded. The biggest decision we have is when to go. I was thinking either June 12-14 or August 12-14 or something along those lines. For regulars which do you think will give us the most ride time and best weather. Being from upstate New York I know June is usually a pretty dry month while August can have pop up showers and storms in the afternoon any number of days.

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In my opinion, June weekdays are the absolute best time to go to the park.

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Definitely June. Mid-August can be extremely crowded even on weekdays. Actually, if there is a chance of rain, that will work in your favor. That could keep the crowd levels down that day. If by chance, it does rain just for a few minutes, it can thin the crowds significantly afterwards. Rides are usually back up and running within minutes. Some will still run as long as there's no lightning or it's not raining too hard. However, rain isn't always a factor, sometimes it's wind, but that's not usually an issue during the times you would like to visit. But if you want the lighter crowds, go in June.

This page should help when it comes to weather conditions affecting rides:


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Cuse_44 -

Thank you. I was thinking mid June as well because the park stays open until 10 and it's still kind of early in the season. Another question I have is how much is the fast pass plus and how limited are they? I prefer riding in the front so will the pass help towards this?

Thabto -

Fast Lane prices vary by day. They don't have them available yet, so I can't really tell you what it will cost, but expect to pay around $100. They would definitely be cheaper in June, They offer discounts if you buy them in groups.

Here is the page for it, just check back when you are about to make your trip. It is a little cheaper to buy it online ahead of time, but I would just wait until you get there. Crowds may be light and you won't even need it and you could just spend that money on other things. : https://www.cedarpoint.com/tickets-passes/fast-lane

As for if it will get you front seats, you can choose your own seat. Valravn's Fast Lane line tends to give the front seat preference to Fast Lane users.

Cuse_44 -

Thank you so much.

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