I don't know...that TTD theme where they say like SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY....

Stuck in my head.

Yeah so no 4th of July at CP...looks like we're going the 28th.

Anyone else going?

We're going to ride skyscraper this time. Woo?

I want to rent a jet-ski this time....


if not and your going Sunday the 29th, then ill be there on that day.

Wait your right...29th

Ill be there as well.

Just hope the weather plays out right.

You guys going to park at the magnum probably, so hope to see you their!

I will be wearing a Detroit Tigers jersey (number 68) and a red wings hat.

I'll be there in my usual summer outfit
Keeps me cool....

No I don't have an outfit picked yet for Sunday. But I do plan on being as cool as a polar bear.

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ill be wearing a white dale jr. shirt with a white dale jr. hat. well the hat isnt for sure yet lol.

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^^ OMG!! That is my summer outfit too!! lol. We are like twins.

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

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I will be there with a group of friends... hopefully the chance of storms will keep some of the crowds away. I want one more good day of riding before the real busy part of the season gets started.

Ripcord Crew 2002 / MF Crew 2004

I'll be there Sunday morning as well, probably in my yellow Magnum t-shirt. Although I'll be entering the park at the Marina gate for 2-3 laps on MF first.

arw84, Where do ya park to enter there? Soak City and get a joggin?

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I'll be there with my group. Josh, my family will be coming as well so I'll probably be with them for a few hours then join the rest of the group.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

Looks like we will have quite a crowd here. Should we have a TGI Fridays or Panda Express dinner?

The weather for the day has been jumping from 20% chance of rain to 50% then down to 40% where its still remains.

Also changed from Isolated Storms to Scattered.

Its gonna come right down to the wire with this one. Just hope we get the sun while the storm only hits Canada.

Honestly guys storms are great if they hit in the afternoon.

It gives me times to leave the park for food and as we all know crowds thin out.

Also they can cool the park off if its been kind of warm.

With that being said there has been flooding in parts of Ohio and that could also turn off a lot of customers from going on vacation. The weekend does show that it should rain. But yeah I can't wait to see the radar Saturday night and see whats coming.

I will inhale food when the coasters are running. I will sit and enjoy the meal if its raining.

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now its changed to all day rain.

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