SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY. Avoid the park, tell your friends not to go! Why? Because I'm going and I appreciate shorter lines. But if you are 112% convinced you need to go...I guess you can post your trip plans here and maybe we can eat a corn dog or something together.

We have a free appetizer for T.G.I. Friday so we will probably eat there unless it totally rains hardcore in which case we might hit up Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.

40% chance of rain as weather.com says. Temperatures don't look too bad but we still pack our swim wear in case. Last time on June 1st I think it was...we were like holy moly we need to hit up Soak City.

And since Skyscraper hasn't tipped over or anything yet I might take advantage of my platinum pass and take a ride on that beast. Park is open till 11...kind of nice. Especially if the park is dead. So you know....don't be afraid to celebrate fathers day and not go to the park :)

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I would consider going if I didn't have to work. :(

I was planning on it, but now I have to work Saturday as well. :(

I'll be there on Sunday. :)

Yeah? Good thing to hear my lines will be -2 people shorter. Just messin with ya.

Make that -8, my 4 friends, me and my boyfriend arn't going until Sunday. :)

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Nice, a few more people not going and we'll have a whole Maverick train full of riders not going.

I am thinking I should make large banners that say PARK CLOSED and put them at the causeway. Than I want to ride BMX bikes from ride to ride in the empty park to maximize my ride time.

Genius ideas I know...

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^ Sounds like an excellent plan! :) lol.

You guys are all so lucky. My next trip cannot be until Halloweekends :(. I wish that I could say, "I don't have to work today...I'm gonna go to CP." lol.

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"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

I have some nice options available on my days off living around Grand Haven, Michigan.

A. Go to the beach / downtown Grand Haven (we probably have the best beach in West Michigan)

B. Go to my cousins and go tubing down the Muskegon river with friends.

C. Go to my cousins or next door neighbor who likes to party hard and go swimming.

D. Go to Michigan Adventure (30 minute drive)

E. Go to Cedar Point

We are pretty retarded though. I mean we went to bed at like 10 PM on Friday night to wake up at 3 A.M. My girlfriend drove their and got us there right in time, and we end up leaving Steak and Shake at probably 12:15 or something and finally are filled up and on the road by 12:30 A.M, and I pulled in my driveway at like 5:00 A.M this morning while my girlfriend slept because she had to be to work at noon today.

I would love to stay over night in Sandusky (but than I would just go to the park the next day....). But with gas prices the way they are it is too costly for us to afford a room.... (even though I spent $60 at TGI Fridays for lunch...kind of an oxymoron to say I can't afford a room).

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^ I have tons of stuff I can do like that too on boring summer days. But come on, doesn't Cedar Point rule over all of them? ;)

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

Yeah but I don't want to spend my life savings going :)

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^ Well judging by your signature, you get to go a lot more than I do. I would probably go as much as you do if I had the money, if not a little more. :)

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

When are you moving again? I think we might be going this Tuesday....

Platinum Pass holders can bring (1) friend per platinum pass and get them in the park for $9.95. My friend was thinking of going now, and if he pitches in 20 for gas, and I got you to pitch in 20 for gas, than I would be going for sureeeeeee this Tuesday. And beating down thugs with my white boy suburban Grand Haven rich town school of hard knocks fight style.

That means YOU could get in for $9.95

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The bring a friend for $9.95 deal was for today, June 15th only, so it won't work on Tuesday.

Oh for real? That sucks.

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If that deal was still going on I probably would go with you and your friend. I would some how scrape up change and coin star it. lol. But I live FAR away from you, and I would also need a babysitter... Thanks for the offer though. :) Sadly, I am moving this weekend. I will be miles and miles away from CP for a very long time. :( I am going to be back for Halloweekends for sure though. I cannot wait a whole year to go to CP, when the withdrawls are already kicking in. lol.

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

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