July 3-7

I am thinking I am going this weekend so is anyone up for maybe a Pointbuzzer Party this weekend? If not maybe we should make a plan to have another one in the fall.

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Hey strata, sorry I never got them videos to you last fall.

But when you say party, do you mean alcohol party, or do you mean cake and balloons?

Little bit of Column A and a little bit of Column B?

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It would be more centered as a cake/get together but if you guys want to bring alcohol into the mix ok, its just some of us don't drink and we will attend(Me + Adam)

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I'll be 19 by then......that's close enough to be considered drinking age.;)

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Go to Canada... it will be legal there ;)

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The only problem is that a dollar doesn't buy as much beer as it used to in Windsor.

Goodbye MrScott


Yeah. Now their money is as good as worth more than ours! :o

That will be a crowded weekend.. but of course, most weekends in July are crowded anyways. =/

I could probably make the trip though.

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Well uh yeah its 18 days till, anyone else going?

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I am going to be there the...6th or the 7th of July.

I highly doubt both days as I do not think we can get that much time off work / hotel costs.

My girlfriends 22nd birthday is on the 7th of July. So the 4th of July we are having dinner at both our families and going tubing at a cottage my cousin owns on the Muskegon River.
Than we want to go to Cedar Point the 6th, or 7th, or both days.

Than head back to Michigan for her birthday where I take her out for dinner / go shopping at the mall with her.

Sounds like she wants a Coach, LV, or someother fancy purse..... Uh oh...
But than again I have to sport a pair of Spy sunglasses.

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^ She should just be happy she is getting a trip to CP for her birthday. lol.

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

Actually she is paying for half of the gas and we're probably splitting the cost of food :)
She drives there, and I drive back or vice versa. So it is by no means a vacation, just a one day trip.
Panda Express probably this time unless we want to drink. In which case TGI Friday's is the place to go. Those asian zen dumplings are a great appetizer and they come in under 500 calories I think.

So unless she wants to eat her birthday dinner in Sandusky....

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lol I think you should be the official spokesperson for TGI Friday's.

"You wanna, you gotta, you hafta hold on, Cedar Point...HOLD ON!"

i will be there through the 8th

I'll be there with the family in tow.

I could kick Guy Fieri's ass....

I am not going during this time though unless my girlfriend quits her job. Which I am pressuring here to do...We're going the 28th instead....

Airtime family will be there. In early the 3rd and out mid day the 5th when the crowds arrive. This will be the first time going to the Fireworks for us. We will be in the Breakers Tower facing Twister, 9th floor over TGI Friday's I hope.


Where are the Fireworks launched from, is it from the beach down from Twister along the employee parking?

Where is the best place to watch from ?

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If that is your hotel room your balcony is going to be a great place to watch the fireworks from. They launch from the beach behind disaster transport. By the kiddy bumper karts is cool to since you have the giant wheel right there. It makes for some great pics. I think Walt has a few in the photos.

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