July 11th COVID-19 Visit: Experiences, tips, and more!

Sunday, July 12, 2020 10:18 PM
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We attended Cedar Point on the 11th and here are a few things I can tell you guys about the visit as well as things I would recommend for future visits.

Preparing for the Trip

So prior to the day you are attending, you will be asked to complete a quick health survey via the app. This was really easy and it pops up right on the main screen to remind you the day before your reservation. The questions were very simple, just asking if you have or had any symptoms associated with COVID-19 as well as if you have been exposed or around someone exposed. Took me all of five minutes to complete, if that.

Masks! Yes, masks ARE required. We have a box of the paper disposable masks as well as a neck gaiter style as well. Overall, I preferred the neck gaiter for its breathable material and it helped keeping me cool.

Entering the Park

We had reserved a 10:00a slot and arrived roughly 09:45a. They scanned our passes at the parking checkpoint and then we parked, we were only three rows back from the front gates. After we parked, we went to line up at the screening tent. We were early enough that there was basically no line, we just walked right through the queue and into the tent. You then cross a yellow taped area where a thermal camera will scan you. We had no issues and walked right through, was a very fast and efficient process.

We were now at the main gates by about 09:50a and had to wait a bit until they opened the gate at 10:00a. There was quite a few people so I had my concerns on how long it would take. However, once the gate opened, everyone divided into the queues and they scanned our passes from our phones. Took a total of maybe five minutes and was very organized.

In the Park

Yay! We made it in!! We were super excited because my husband and I had not been in about six years and then my sister hadn't been in nearly ten, it was her husbands first time. Everyone seemed to be wearing their masks properly and keeping distance, which was pretty easy on the midway. We were just happy to be back at that point, so we were all pretty happy.

We knew that Millennium Force, Maverick, and Steel Vengeance were going to require the Access Passes so we headed straight to the back of the park first. My husband and I couldn't fit on MF but my sister and brother-in-law got Access Passes for it. They had the 12:00-01:00p time slot. While they were in line to get that, we went back to try and get Steel Vengeance and Maverick. My husband and I were able to get both and had Maverick for 12:00-01:00p and Steel Vengeance for 02:00-03:00p. We met back up and grabbed lunch.

Dining during COVID-19

For lunch, we had Chick-fil-a right at 11:00a when they opened. There were social distance markers that your party waited on until you got to the counter. Once you got to the counter, you ordered and paid with a cashless form of payment, we used a debit card. They then gave you your food and you exited through a separate door. They had a lot of tables set up with the six-foot distancing in mind. Once seated, you can remove your mask and enjoy your lunch. We sat until about noon just enjoying the breeze and the food was really good.

About midday we also stopped and got drinks from one of the stands. We have to free drink program added to our passes and you can get a small drink every 15 minutes. Worked out really well and the lines weren't too long. We never waited longer than like 10 minutes or so to get food or drinks.

Before leaving the park, we also went to Panda Express for an early dinner. They had the same process as Chick-fil-A and only outdoor dining. There was also a live band playing when we ate, I can't remember what the act was called, but they were one of the country acts. They were really awesome!

Time to RIDE!

Onto the rides! So we had 12:00-01:00p time slots for both Millennium Force and Maverick. So at this time, we split off. My sister and brother-in-law went to get on MF while my husband and I got in line for Maverick. We arrived at about 11:55 so we waited outside of the queue entrance in a line with other people with that Access Pass time. Right at noon, they let people in. Once you got to the entrance, they checked your Access Pass, asked you to tear it and discard it into a bin sitting there. We got into the queue and ended up just past the bridge on the section that runs along the water before entering the covered area. Everyone seemed to be distancing well and wearing their masks properly. A CP employee was also walking down one side and cleaning and sanitizing all the rails, then would come back up the other side.

The wait wasn't bad at all, about 20 minutes in we were nearly at the stairs. At this point, I called my brother-in-law to see how MF line was going and they were already on the ramp to the loading bays. We waited about another 20 minutes or so and we were on the stairs waiting for the next set of strains to come in, then it was our turn!

We actually got lucky and ended up with the first row in the second car, once were in and buckled, we were ready to go. Overall loading was pretty quick and easy, so no complaints there. The ride was AMAZING but definitely kicked our butts, I forgotten just how whippy it was, but I DO love the new [to me at least] shoulder restraints, there were a lot more comfortable than the original bulky ones. After reentering the station, they let everyone go by rows and that also seemed to work out pretty well.

We met back up with our party and by now, it was getting pretty warm so we decided to ride Thunder Canyon. This was the longest wait we had but it was still worth it. TC was only running three rafts and ran the rafts empty for two cycles while they cleaned them every half hour or so. Only one party per raft which was pretty nice for the four of us. In line, another CP employee was wiping everything down, down one side of the rail and then up the other side. I also seen his remind several people to wear their masks properly while waiting in line, so that was nice to see. Just like other queues, this too had social distancing markers and everyone seemed to follow it well. The ride itself was great and definitely needed as it got to be full sun and quite hot out. You don't have to wear your mask while riding so you get a little break there too. The three of them got soaked and I only got the small waterfall so I wasn't nearly as wet, I call that a win.

By time we got off that, it was about 02:30p and we decided to not try Steel Vengeance. We had seen it go down most of the day and decided we'll just try it another time. We hoped onto the train and headed back to the main midway and ate dinner at Panda express. The train was super nice, they have two rows blocked off in between each open row so it did grow a bit of a wait, we only had to wait one cycle. The Bonesville animatronics were running so that was really nice to see.

Final Thoughts

At this point, we headed back, it was almost 6pm. My sister ended up not feeling too well and our faces had gotten pretty burnt so we chose to leave early. On the way out we did also see the Swell Tones performance in front of Coasters Diner and thought they were doing great also. All the live entertainment we did catch bits of all seemed really well done and their routines turned out great even with the social distancing. I feel like we could have definitely rode more, most things were running and didn't have too long of queue times according to the app. We just weren't sure what all my husband and I could fit on and with my sister not feeling well, we didn't want to sit and try and test out ride seats and wait in line.

The staff all seemed to be wearing their masks as well as keeping up on sanitation, they also reminded several guests to wear their masks properly. I think things ran a lot smoother on Saturday then what I heard from the other two days. The food was really good, rides we did ride were fun, and overall it was just great to be back. I felt like they did a very good job handling the new restrictions and I felt very safe attending.

I wore my neck gaiter for the entire day and it worked really well, I never felt like I couldn't breath or that the heat got to me any more than it would have without. We also rented a locker, we got a large locker for 24 hours and it only cost $8, plus you could move it to other areas of the park. Definitely worth it to not have to carry my full purse and I kept spare paper masks in there as well. Also, consider bringing sunscreen in with you. We applied it by the car but with taking masks on and off and rides and water, we really should have re-applied.

We really enjoyed ourselves and hope to go at least one more time this year. It was well worth the trip from West Michigan and I couldn't have been happier with how everything went.

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