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Anyone notice that the Judy K has a different whistle, it has a lower pitch and sounds a little like a horn on a modern diesel engine. I hope this is only temporary, the other whistle sound was much more pleasing.

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It almost sounds like Judy and Myron both regressed through puberty. Judy's horn is masculine and Myron's is very high pitched.

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I didn't look to see which one we were riding Saturday but that high, shrill pitch was awful heard from the train and weird and kind of eerie from other places. I'm hoping it's a HalloWeekend thing.

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I think its been like this most of the season. Its easy to tell which locomotive is running by the sound of the whistle. When I first noticed the change, I thought maybe they took the whistle off of the George R. and put it on the Judy K since the George R had a deep whistle sound.

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Working in Camp Snoooy, I heard the different whistles, and I thought they were running one or both of the backup engines on Saturday, only to realize it was still Judy and Myron. I will agree that the whistle on Myron was ear piercing.

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I believe it's changes for Halloweekends and returns to normal for the regular season

One or two of the engineers collect whistles that were originally on mainline full sized steam locomotives. That's what you are hearing. They are much larger, lower pitched that get your attention real quick. That's what mainline railroading sounded like back in the days steam.There is a couple of the big steamers that have been running excursions in the tri state area this past summer, that's what they sound like.

Judy has been wearing a Southern 3 chime (6 in. diameter 12 in. tall) whistle for most of the summer. She now has my Hancock Long Bell 3 chime (6 in. diameter 18 in. tall) on her that was common on the N&W J class engines, SP 4449, and several of Union Pacific's large classes of locomotives. It will most likely be on for the rest of the season. As for Myron's whistle we tried to fix it but ultimately had to change it to a Lunkenhimer 3 in. 3 chime.

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I was on Myron Saturday and that screeching whistle really hurt my ears. We got the small whistle on it now that Judy wore last year and th year before.

This one was on Judy K in May I believe, and I have not heard it in years.
I am not sure what this type of whistle is called.


Buckeye 3 chime (3in. diameter) made down in Dayton by the Buckeye Brass Works. It's probably about 100 years old. This whistle was always on Maud many years ago then on Judy for sometime. We put it on until we got the valve back for the Southern whistle.

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Any sound clips of your Hancock long bell 3 chime whistle on Judy K? Would love to hear it!

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"Content not found" on your link

When you visit CP, visit my Mill, est. 1835

Comes up fine for me........

Sorry forgot my page is private. Here it is on youtube

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Try this one too https://www.facebook.com/tommy.mcgowan.56/videos/10204746005561032/

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Wow I love that whistle!
My friends make tease/ me because I can tell which train is running based on the whistle. Then the train runs by use and they shut up.

Looks like I will have to learn the new whistles to impress people with my nerdiness again.

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Sorry to resurrect this, but Judy is running today and wow - what a whistle she has! Did not realize how deep and and full it sounded.

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This was a wonderful read, thank you for bringing it back.

I didn't realize that some of the engineers brought their own whistles in.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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It's still weird that Pete is no longer with us.

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