Is the 300 foot drop set in stone?

There is that Morgan thing in japan that's gonna be big... It may get up to 320 or something. Remember Maggy? Never supposed to be 200 ft. last minute thing. Maybe they are SAYING 300 feet just to throw off all other coasters and they're going to make it 320/30 :)
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There's no such thing as last minute changes for roller coasters that cost millions of dollars and years to develop.

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I wiuld tend to agree with Jeff on this...These Coasters are designed to a spec and that is followed to a tee or people could get hurt...
I don't think last minute changes go over very well w/ something the size of a coaster.
No they don't. Remember what happened when Six Flags changed Rattler's height at the last minute, just to beat out Mean Streak?? It was a G force disaster, if I remember right. I think someone here posted a link to an article about it one time.
But, ClarkBar, Six Flags did *absolutely nothing* of the sort to Rattler. That was done before they had bought the park. Blame it on the park's previous owners, not Six Flags.
I posted these articles before, they are somewhat of a long read but will give you insight into why you can't make last minute changes, the URL is:
Oh, I didn't know that. I just figured that Six Flags owned them back then, because the Rattler isn't that old.
As the Rock says..."IT DOESN'T MATTER" who owned the park at the time. The point is last second changes don't work, and Rattler is a good example of that. Thanks, Clarkbar.

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