Is it true that Gemini used to have an extra hill before the helix?

I heard that Gemini when it first opened had another (small) hill but they had to take it out. Is this true? Why did they remove it? Are there any surviving photos or video of it?

No. A trim brake has moved a time or two, but the track is the same.

Gemini used to have a small dip out of the station that was removed not long after the ride first opened. That is the only hill that I know of that they removed from Gemini.

I also believe they lowered the height of the first turnaround after a year or two due to valleying issues.

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It sounds familiar that the flat/angled stretch of track before the final helix used to have a hill of some sort but I can't find any pictures of evidence of it. Kind of a tough spot of the ride to get pictures of.

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