Invert the Top Hat idea

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Seeing the red and white alternating paint on the top hat, it makes me think of a tight turn on a race track, only up in the sky. It would be much cooler and more realistic if the lightning train took the turn on the underside of the tophat, rather than going over the top like that old dragster did.

To create an inverted top hat, all they would have to do is switch the vertical track on both sides of the tophat. Remove the spiral from the left had side, and install it on the right, and vice versa. The track would naturally create an inversion at the top! I don't understand why they WOULDN'T do this! I'm giddy just thinking about it. What do you say, fellas? Does CP have one more trick up it's sleeve before opening day?

Sit tight fellas ;)

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Huh, I had no idea inverting the top hat would be so easy. Someone should tell them.


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As a package aficionado he was aware that this was offered as the "Quick & easy conversion reversal" package at the Rolly CoastersR Us Store. It would be very interesting to get stuck at the top such as TTD did a few times.

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C'mon DJ it is easy, I did it in like a minute on Roller Coaster Tycoon....simple......point click point click......easy peasy.....

That there Clark is an RV.....

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On second thought, it might not be as easy as originally thought. The underside track supports at the very top would have to be taken off the bottom of the track and moved to the top. Anybody have a good diamond blade saw and a TIG welder, 420 foot extension cord? 😉

Sit tight fellas ;)

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Thread the needle...

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