In what order?

Planning May 25 and 26. Staying at Breakers. So we will be entering early. Coming from Maine, this is our second trip to CP and we havent been there since 2012, so Gatekeeper a MUST DO> Veterans, in what order do we attack rides at that time of day?

Maverick isnt on our list. My daughter hated it last time.

Also thoughts on Fastlane for that week?

We bought it last time, and it was AWESOME. Last trip was late June so we needed it, but wondering if it will be needed last week of May. Not planning to buy ahead, will buy it after 11 am on the first day if we think we need it. Was curious what the general thought was from those in the know


Darth Snoopy -

If you don't plan to ride Maverick, you don't want to start at the back of the park, since Maverick is the only ride open back there for Early Entry. Millennium Force tends to accumulate a line faster than the other Early Entry rides, so you might wanna start there. You should be able to ride Millennium Force, Gatekeeper, and Raptor easily within the one hour early entry. I've done that many times. As mentioned above, Gatekeeper and Raptor tend to have little to no wait late in the day, so if you don't feel like hoofing the triangle in one hour, you can save one of those 2 for later.

To get to Millennium Force fastest, hop the shuttle to the Marina entrance. Alternatively just use the entrance by Windseeker. You'll have to walk a bit further, but you'll get there.

Have a great time! I'll be at Breakers the 2 days you're there, so I'm sure we'll brush elbows.

nevaknarF -

I will also be at Cedar Point the same exact week and it will be my first visit! Millennium Force has always been on my bucket list and I've been waiting 15 years to ride it. I'm will be taking full advantage of ERT to cross MF off the list.

I don't plan on using Fastlane, but will purchase it if need be. :-)

nevaknarF -

Darth Snoopy - Since you'll be at Hotel Breakers, are you planning on taking that shuttle to get to the Marina Entrance?

Darth Snoopy -

Yes I am.

nevaknarF -

Maybe I'll see you on that shuttle.

linskypens -


MF is a phenomenal coaster, height, speed, air, it has it all.

we marathoned it the second day of our our trip last time, 11 rides before 11 am.(fastlane)Never got old. Every seat a winner, the front is a trip on that first hill, and the back is pure adrenaline. Smooth as silk too.

Enjoy it, it lives up to the hype.

nevaknarF -


Thanks for the info!

11 times on MF before 11am?!? That's Awesome!! I would love to experience all the seats on that ride! Hopefully, I'll be able to! :-)

linskypens -

Darth Snoopy, thanks for the info!

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I'd suggest giving Maverick a second chance. They are installing new restraints on it this year which should make it more comfortable. But start at the rear of the park, then make your way toward the front. Most of the crowds up front are heavier at the beginning of the day, while not so much in the back. Toward the end of the day, you can get on Raptor and Gatekeeper with minimal waits. I would suggest doing Millennium Force during early entry. And wait till the day of to buy Fast Lane. Since you are going on a Monday and Tuesday, you really shouldn't need it. Crowds should be minimal those days. Monday being the holiday shouldn't be too bad of a crowd, but the Saturday and Sunday of that weekend could be.

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linskypens -

Even better its tuesday and wednesday, had my dates wrong.....The main problem with maverick was indeed the restraints, good to hear i might get her back on it.

thanks for the intel.

linskypens -

While we are on the subject, how does everyone like Gatekeeper?

It looks great on video.

jsmith7300 -

With the old restraints I found Maverick to be pretty rough in the back, but a blast when sitting in the middle or closer to the front.

Gatekeeper is enjoyable but it wasn't one that made me want to hop back in line and ride it again right away.

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nevaknarf - Make sure you ride MF again later in the day. Once everything warms up, it is a better, faster ride with more airtime on the hills! You will notice the difference from your morning rides.

nevaknarF -

JW Addington - Thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely check it out later in the day! Oh! Do you know which seat on MF offers the best airtime?

Hey, I'll be there on the 26th!

I wouldn't buy Fast Lane until you get there ever. You never know what weather forecasts can make people do, whether the weather is good or bad.

Like Thabto said, start near the back of the park with your early entry. You'll be able to literally walk on to Gatekeeper and Raptor later in the day.

I think everyone will like Maverick now and Gatekeeper is phenomenal. It's much better in person than on video!

GB -

Definitely give Maverick another try. The new restraints are awesome! No more head banging!!!

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