Hypothetical ride refurbishments

MrJohnJLewis said:

Even trying the magic seat didn't help much to make us want to marathon the ride.

If you are talking about 1-3, that would hardly be the comfortable, smoother ride that would make most folks want to marathon.

But for us Magnum junkies, it's absolutely the magic seat.

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I don't need to nearly be injured to be thrilled. Wanting to be comfortable while experiencing a ride doesn't mean anyone is soft. Technology has improved, and there are rides that do this. Typical "back in my day" logic on display here

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Or it's simply different strokes for different folks.

This is 100% true!

Magnum is perfect (yet beyond its service life. Shhhh! RIP Vortex). I mean come on, they even padded the lap bars and added up-stop wheels! What else do you need? It has big wide seats like a Chevy Suburban, you can plop down buckle up and go! How bout they unfix Blue Streak? Stupid seat dividers that make it hard to buckle seatbelts that aren't even needed. My unscientific survey of listening to kids on Magnum this weekend would indicate that they loved it just as much as we did back when it opened.

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Every time we go my kids want to do a mini-marathon on Magnum. They think the "rougher-than-Millennium" aspect of the ride is what makes it fun.

I agree with them.

My wife? Not so much.

I think we could all agree that one aspect of Cedar Point that makes it such a great destination (coaster-wise) is that it has such a wide variety of experiences to offer. Magnum, and the ride experience it provides, is simply part of that variety.

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Promoter of fog.

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jimmyburke said:

I totally agree with the last two posts. JohnMosesBrowning is spot-on, that type of ride is very thrilling, vigorous, fun. Granted, not for everyone as some prefer smooth and gentle. And Paisley has made the accurate point that the newer Dodgem cars are slow, unresponsive ho-hum cars.

Beyond ho-hum, out right blah with a side order of meh...I rarely bother riding them anymore. I had the chance to go to Knoebels this August and their bumper cars were amazing. So responsive, fast, heavy, everything you need to be totally brutal while driving. It felt so good to be able to drive like that again.

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I am having visions of Mariah Carey slipping and falling onto that nasty, greasy Dodgem floor while in those hideous high-heels.

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Would serve her right. She's old enough to know how to dress herself. I shake my head every time I see a woman in heels at Cedar Point and it happens way more often than one would think. I haven't even owned heels of any kind since I was about 30 and I certainly wouldn't have ever thought to wear them to an amusement park.

GL2CP said:

I wasn’t saying the ride was bad I was suggesting that someone saying “people don’t know how to ride it” is silly

If you won’t say it I will. Magnum a bad ride that is overly violent and is in desperate need of a rework of some kind to make it less painful to ride. I shouldn’t have to know “how to ride” to make it enjoyable . I’ve come off Magnum and developed visible bruises more than once. It’s rough. Replace the trains with something that doesn’t destroy legs.

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Or you could - and hear me out on this - just not ride it.


djDaemon said:

Or you could - and hear me out on this - just not ride it.

I love the Boomer energy with this one. Same as “if you don’t like the country just leave”…… or I’ll suggest a product I pay for is made more enjoyable *shrug*

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Actually, I don't think that equates at all.

It's more in line with "if you don't like hot dogs, don't eat them". Cedar Point is like a buffet - not everything is going to be something that everyone likes, but there will be something for everyone. You're not paying for rides at all - you're paying for access to the park. Anything beyond that is YOUR choice. They aren't forcing you to attempt to enjoy any of their offerings.

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I can't endure spinning rides, and instead of suggesting it is a bad idea to install Wild Mouse, or that they should make Monster "less spinny" or whatever, I will simply enjoy those rides from the midway.

It's fine if one doesn't enjoy certain rides, or finds them too intense or whatever. As Josh said, there's something for everyone at CP, and altering a highly popular ride to make it more amenable to a tiny, but vocal, minority is crazy talk.


Agreed, leave Magnum alone!

Count me in as one who loves Magnum to death but would still welcome a change that would allow more people to enjoy it. I’d be all for newer, more comfortable trains so long as they didn’t mean a lowered capacity and the pacing wasn’t altered in a way that would neuter the ride. Don’t know if that’s even possible, but it it were, I’d be down.

Also, it’s one thing to say you shouldn’t have to “know” how to ride a ride to enjoy if if you’re talking about average park-goers, but we’re enthusiasts. You’ve all been told countless times to sit in the middle row of any car and make sure your seatbelt is tight in order to have an enjoyable ride. It takes only the slightest effort.

While we’re at it, bring back fog and lighting effects to all three tunnels.

How intense is the spinning on a Wild Mouse? I’ve never been on one.

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Depends entirely on the distribution of weight in the car, how well it's lubricated, etc. I've had total duds followed by crazy spinning on the same ride.

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How about the seating? It looks a bit more .. intimate than other coasters. Do they allow single riders?

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The four across Reverchon trains (all those I could remember) had a divider in the middle and two lapbars, but I had a "half" to myself countless times, so I don't imagine there's any technical reason not to allow it. I would assume at this point that Zamperla has made some refinements, but I guess we'll see.

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