Huge Trip July 29-August 2 to CP

I'm going to Cedar Point July 29-August 2 and am staying at the Hotel Breakers, cant wait to get the early entrance!

Dude! That trip is HUUUUGGGGEEEEEEEE!!!111!!1!!!!!11

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Me too! haha. Except me and my dad are going July 31st- Aug 2 but at the Breakers Express. What is this trip so huge? A lot of people? *** Edited 7/26/2007 6:01:25 PM UTC by DrunkinMonkey***

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No he just means long because most people only stay for a day or two at a time.

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Me and my family are going (4 People total) and we do this every summer but we usually stay in late august but we had other plans then. If you are thinking about staying at the breakers I highly recommend going in late august because the rates at the breakers compared to when were going are $110 cheaper!

Leaving Tomorrow!!

Edit 7/29:Just about to Leave!!!! *** Edited 7/29/2007 10:35:43 AM UTC by MagnumFreak***

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ill be arriving at breakers on aug 27th and leaving sept 2nd. I have never stayed at the point for a week, i have for 5 days but a week is going to be the bomb.

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^I'll be at the point on August 31st as well. I hope it's not crowded at all. Though it seems like it shouldn't be, because almost all schools will be back in session.

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I was there on Sunday the 29th.
I talked to a guy in Blue Streak's line who had a Ghostrider tee on from Knotts. He had his Son with him. He was a nice guy, and I may be crazy to assume this, but I would guess that he is a Point Buzzer.
Anyone know who it was?
Or better yet maybe "you" are reading this.

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I think he's just pumped to be getting to the Point. :)

Can you blame him?

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I was there the 29th-31st. It was some HOT weather, but nice weather.
MF stopped on the first hill at 9:00 or so. I have a bunch of videos from the park I plan on making a movie with.
I am going this August 24-26th woot!

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