How many like Gemini?

Two questions:
1) How many steel racers are there?

2) How many other steel coasters have wooden supports?
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How many steel racers? Right off the top of my head, I can only think of Windjammer at KBF and Lethal Weapon at (I think) WB Movie World in Germany. I also believe that these are Togo coasters.

How many steel w/wood supports? Gemini, CCMR, Excalibur at Valleyfair, Adv. Express at PKI, and Roadrunner Express at SFFT come to mind. Basically most of the Arrow mine trains have this configuration. The only mine trains that don't have wood supports that I can think of are at SFGAdv, SFoG and SFoT.

Scott W. Short
Dont forget the mine ride at Cedar point, as having a steel track
Leathal Weapon at WB movie world is another fine Intamin product.
Can't forget The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley (I think that is the name of the park). It's the longest coaster in the world (Until that damn Morgan Giga in Japan)

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The mine Ride at SFOGa has a steel track w/ wooden suports at that.

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