How is this plan?

I'm appealing to the CP experts out there to comment on my plan for a visit. It has been nearly 30 years since

I've been to CP, so I need all the help I can get!

We are visiting family in Akron the third week of August, so I am proposing the following plan to my family:

- Drive up to CP on Monday evening, August 21, and stay at Breakers

- Get an early start at CP on August 22 and stay until closing

- Stay the night at Breakers and head back to Akron on August 23

From what I can tell from my on-line reading, the crowds on August 22 should be light.

My questions to the experts are:

- Based on you experiences, is this a good day to go?

- What kind of crowds should we expect?

- What would be an average wait time for the popular rides?

- Any other suggestions?

Thanks for any and all insights!


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For me,the weekdays of the last two weeks in August are the best of the season for riding. That'll be about a month past the peak summer heat,but even if cool weather is predicted,the warm lake keeps CP from getting uncomfortably cool. A lot of the staffing is gone(schooling),hence the shorter hours. Most entertainment shows are over and food services are typically short staffed. But now about the rides/riding,being that CP is a 'ride' park,most of the times I've been there during those 2 short operating hours weeks,ride lines were non-existent. Walk up to the platform and 'pick your seat'.

There are no guarantees but, in my experience, crowds on a weekday in August aren't terrible. The bad news, the park starts to suffer staffing issue--hence the shorter hours. Pray for overcast conditions and the threat of rain to keep crowds.

If you can, I'd suggest driving up Sunday and springing for the two day ticket package. You can get park time Sunday night (as crowds die out) and see the park after dark. Also, traffic on the roads should be lighter. YMMV but I find the extra $25 for the two day package worth it since the park dies out in the evening and I get lots of rides then. OR, after staying Tue night, use it to enjoy ERT Wed am and get some extra rides Wed morning before leaving for Akron. OR, go a week earlier when the park is still open until 11pm. That really makes that extra evening worthwhile.

And my advice for ANY day:

1) Milly & Maverick during ERT (the perk from staying at Breakers).

2) After ERT start at the back of the park (TTD, if operating) and work forward. Raptor, Valravn after 6:30pm.

If you have kids your priorities may differ. At least you got to ride Wildcat 30 years ago--I always claim it was a seriously underrated ride.

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I don't think Magnum is included on the early ride schedule. Maybe MF is what you meant?

Captain Hawkeye -


Thanks for the catch.

Urumqi -

My advice is to follow captain hawkeye's advice

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