How are the fries this year?

The homemade fries. I don't spend much on food but I love those fries.

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The ones I had on opening day seemed the same as I remember them from last year.

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I bet overpriced.

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^Compared to what?

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The issue I have with the fries, besides the price of course, is the container they are served in. I enjoy putting vinegar on my fries but after a short while the bottom of the container becomes so weak from the vinegar that it breaks open and I'm left holding the fries with vinegar running down my hand. This was especially annoying while I was watching All Wheels Extreme. I suppose an easy fix would be to ask for an empty container to put the other one in.

However, after discovering the Berardi's stand on the corner of Rt. 250 and Perkins I haven't eaten the fries in the park since. They offer way more fries (almost too much) for a lower price and in my opinion they taste even better.

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That's a long ways to go for fries when your in the park ;)

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What kind of fries are served at Pinks? Are they of the typical fast food variety? Or are they fresh like Five Guys or Penn Station East Coast Subs serves?

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They seem like the fast food variety to me.

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Pinks fries seemed to have a bit of a seasoning to them, but nothing too far from what you'd get at a typical fast food joint. They were good though.

You just can't beat those wonderful, delicious home made fries from the Berardi's fry cart !

Berardi's fries are the best!

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