How are crowds on July week days?

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I am heading up to CP on Sunday night. I may go in Sunday evening but definitely Monday for sure. I was just curious how think the crowds are during the week in July.


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The park is hitting prime July vacation season, so it could be very busy. On the other hand, it seems crowd levels have been on the low side lately. So hard to tell.

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^ This. Also it is to early to read much into the weather forecasts but it looks like an unstable weather pattern starting Friday and into next week. That can help lower crowds to a degree but also cut down on ride time when if things close. Going up Friday myself and not letting scattered showers change our plans.

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It is peak season indeed, chance of storms probably will deter some (if the forecast sticks).

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Haha. Well I am a liar. Winds are forecast for upwards of 20mph Friday so we moved the trip up to tomorrow. It’s just not worth going if Skyride is closed. 😝

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High winds are among the worst inclement weather for Cedar Point, just so many things shut down in them.

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Sacrificing playing video games to ride roller coasters.

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