Hotel Recommendations for Holiday World Trip

I bought Holiday World Tickets at an auction this past March, and am currently in the “planning stage.” I know this is geared more towards Cedar Point, but those of you who have been to Holiday World, which hotels do you recommend, and which ones would you advise to stay away from?

Any help would be appreciated. Also feel free to message or e-mail me if that’s easier for you.

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13-Tiques/Wave Swinger
12-Camp Snoopy; Tiques/Wave Swinger
11-CP & LE Railroad Platform; Cedar Creek Mine Ride; Tiques/Wave Swinger

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Depending on if it's just you or if you're bringing others, I can't recommend Lake Rudolph enough, especially the cabins. It's a nice campground, and right next door to Holiday World.


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Second this, the cabins at Lake Rudolph were great when we stayed there in August 2020.

Santa’s Lodge is across from the park, it’s walkable. (HW parking is free, though). It’s not my favorite place though, they’ve tried for a resort atmosphere but it’s a fail. It’s not scary or anything, but it’s definitely plain Jane. There used to be breakfast in the morning, I’m not sure about now.
Nearby accommodations are few and far between. The freeway motels at the Dale exit are ok, it’s a few miles drive to the park.

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There are no "good" hotels near the park. Or even far from the park, really. I've generally stuck to staying at the campground in the cabins or RV's. They seem to keep them relatively clean, though it's a pain in terms of bedding if you aren't road tripping in.

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Lake Rudolph is the way to go, assuming you are able to provide your own bedding.

The campground removed all the RVs after last season, and they did install some brand new “Candy Cane Cottages,” which seem to have a nice look and a more affordable price point than some of the cabins. If you go in the fall, the campground becomes a crazy Halloween spectacle, including trick or treating for the kids and a site decorating contest where people really go all out. My family has enjoyed it immensely the past couple years.

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…Must be nice…

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