Hot Temps and Understaffed

We went for our last visit of the season on Fri to Sun, Sept. 22-24. First ride ERT was Valravn. We got stuck 3/4 of the way up for approx. 20 minutes. Other than the heat, I guess if I had to be stuck on a coaster for 20 minutes, Valravn was a comfortable wait. Put my head back, closed my eyes and relaxed. Once we were up and over, we received 2 exit passes each with apologies. We used them that night on MF and Valravn. It seems to me that during Halloweekend Fridays in the past, more rides were open. We got in line for Cornstalkers and did Hexed. Saturday we ERT'd on MF a few times, then got in line for TTD's opening. Thank goodness we did because it was down part of Saturday and the whole time we were there on Sunday. It was a bit annoying trying to find stands to get our drink refills. Lots of them were closed. If it wasn't so darn hot out, I am sure it wouldn't have bothered me as much to search them out. Windseeker and the SkyRide were closed Saturday and Sunday. I believe Maverick was down on Saturday. We did the Night of the Living Fed buffet. Food-wise, it was ok. I liked watching the"monsters" join guests at the tables. Sunday, we got our Fast Lane Plus' (renewal thank yous) and barely used them. ERT'd on MF and got 3 re-rides! Gemini was only running the red train. DId the Freak Show house. Wandered around until we finally could not take the heat anymore...we left at 4pm. I hope the park can accommodate the increase it will see with each passing Halloweekends weekend. Lines were tolerable for the most part. You don't know how bad I wanted the splash fountain to be up and running. I cursed that giant blow-up pumpkin everytime we passed it. Hopefully, when we come for our 2018 Halloweekends visit, the temps will be more fall-like, LOL. Still a good trip overall. (it's really impossible to have a bad time at Cedar Point!!!)

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My wife and I were also there this past weekend and had a blast. We love the heat so that was not an issue for us. I tried the Blackberry Moon shine and it was so awesome!! Glad you still had a great time!!!

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My group thought the weather was close to perfect, almost bordering warm, for a small part of the day. We regretted not bringing our swimming suits actually. We wanted to hit the beach for a while, but opted to stay in the park and ride more instead after some discussion.

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Damn. I saw the thread title and I thought it was about attractive and/or seductive temporary workers the park hired to deal with understaffing. Then I opened it up and it only a Halloweekends trip report. :-p

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We are used to spending the majority of our summer visit in Cedar Point Shores. We have had Halloweekend visits that were warm, cool, wet and downright freezing. Last weekend was ridiculously hot. Give me the 90s in July and 60s in Sept. But hey, at least it didn't rain!

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Do they have parameters. Later in the season for temps and adverse weather. We have reservations oct. 27-28. Wondering what the park does if temps are really low and /or crappy weather. Some back up plan suggestions.

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I actually have enjoyed our cool wet halloweekends the past. Makes for a more memorial night (always Friday nights for us though) this year if we do a Sunday like we plan I'd like dry weather.

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