Hopper kiddie ride (or, the evolution of the Kite Eating Tree ride)

Once there was a ride who could be the ancestor to Planet Snoopy Kite Eating Tree ride.

It was a kiddie Power Tower and themed around frogs. It looked like a carnival ride and gave great joy to brave children everywhere.

Discuss personal memories and its history here!

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What the hell?

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

I'm pretty sure it's the same ride, just rethemed. And I like turtles.


"Once there was a ride who could be..." That should read, "Once there was a ride that could be..." Who refers to a person not a thing.

The ride was called the Frog Hopper and it stood next to the Gemini.

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What's the record for starting useless new threads by a newbie? CPClassic is going for the record.

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The most annoying thing in his posts are lines like "Discuss personal memories and its history here!". Don't tell me where and what I should discuss and if you post something and get a reply, where do you think we will discuss it? We are not a bunch of idiots here.

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Okay, I've been trying my best to ignore these threads, but this is the sixth one you've created since joining yesterday. I'm going to try to be as nice as possible here.

I've been a member of this site for less than three years—not nearly as long as most other people here. I get that you're trying to start off on the right foot, but creating a bunch of threads right off the bat isn't the way to do it. So please, give it a rest.

When I first started out here, I was very conservative when it came to making posts and starting new threads. Only after I spent a lot of time lurking and getting to know my fellow members better did I allow myself to be more vocal. If I can do this, I'm sure you can as well.

So, in short: pipe down until you familiarize yourself with this site a bit more. And pace yourself when it comes to making posts like this—we don't like noise.

I hope this advice is fair.

I have to agree with Perpetual Obsession.

I have been a member for four years and have over 700 posts. But I have never started a new thread and you have started six in 24-hours. Spend some time reading. Sometimes your silence says more than your noise.

Pete, I thought things were discussed in the Surf Lounge. After a few drinks everything starts making sense.

CPClassic said:

Discuss personal memories and its history here!

But I really wanted to discuss existentialism here!

This Isn't A Hospital--It's An Insane Asylum!

Closed topic.

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