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I'm going to the Point around June 20th. I'd like to get a season pass and stay for 4 days but I'm not sure if it'll happen.

We're leaning towards staying at Lighthouse Point. I have a couple questions though.

1. Any preference on which is nicer, the cabins or the cottages?
2. Can you walk to the Magnum entrance in the morning? How & where do you get into the park?
3. The site claims there are futons which each sleep 2 people. From previous experience, do any of you know if they fold out or something?

Thanks alot!

#1) They are about the same. It depends what kind of atmosphere and who you are with. The cottages sit right on the CP shoreline and offer a very New England feel. There is one bedroom with a bed for the 'rents and bunks for the kids. Nice deck overlooking the water and a great place to play catch with the 'gulls. Tip: Ask to stay close to the may end up across the street from it.

Most of the cabins are located around man made ponds with fountains in them. The cabins are quieter (no wind & waves) and are easier to use the grill at. Easier to smoke (outside, of course) at, too. They have one bedroom for the adults and a balcony flat (loft) for the kids (over looking the main living area. The kids I was there with (nieces-10 & 13) like the cabins better; the adults (brother & sis-in-law) like the cottages better. I don't care either way. As long as I am staying at Lighthouse I KNOW I'm gonna have a great time!

2) Yes, you can. Just walk though the Soak City lot and you are there. The shuttle is nice, too (free). Just pick up a courtsey phone and they will pick you up and take you to whatever entrance you request. We usually hit all of the entrances during our stay, depending on what we want to do at any particular time.

3) Yes, they fold out and if 2 people are sleeping in one of those, they better know each other VERY well!

Hope that helps! Lighthouse Point has been the best way to go, for me.

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I stayed in a cabin at Lighthouse Point 2 summers ago, I loved it.

1. I stayed in a cabin, it was great.

2. Yes you can walk in the Magnum entrance in the morning.

3. In the cabin, there were two fold out foutons. They're each about the size of a double bed. There is also a bedroom and a loft. The loft isn't huge, if you plan for anyone to sleep up there make sure you bring a sleeping bag.

I really recommend staying in a cabin, I loved it, we slept 5 in it very comfortably.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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I stayed in a cottage 2 times and it was very nice. It gives you a lot more privacy than a hotel room gives you. There's no where else that you will get woke up by Mean Streak testing in the morning. MrScott said it all basically.

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I have only been in the cottages, but that's all I need. It offers a pull-out sofa bed (I think. Maybe I just slept on the couch... Oh, well.), as well as a bunk- and queen-sized bed.

Every time we stay we say we are going to try the cabins but we always end up going back to the cottages. The kids really love the lake and the boats. Pretty hard to beat sitting on the deck watching the sunset.

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