Heading to the point this afternoon 8/14/2013

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I will be heading up to the point this afternoon. I'm thinking around 2:00ish. I will be going solo, as I pretty much have been all summer. None of my friends have season passes, and they all work during the day anyways. I work a seasonal job, so my summer work schedule is pretty light, so I tend to visit CP quite frequently! Also, I have been trying to catch Tony Clark's tweetups this summer as well, which is another reason I want to head to the point this afternoon to get one of those commemorative coins he's been giving away. If you want to meet up with me here is my cell to text or call me at: 440-670-2563. Hope to see someone there!!

Hi trimdawg41 yes I like to meet you. I see that you have been going to cp solo. I have been doing the samething going to cp on my own. I would like an opportunity to meet up with. I go the park from Friday evenings through Sundays since I work during the week. If you are still looking for someone to meet up with please send me a private message then I will give you my phone number.

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I know this is a month late, lol, but I didn't get a notification that you had replied. But, I sent you a PM about meeting up tomorrow, Sunday, 9/15, for HW. If you're still interested. Hope to hear from you!

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