Haunted/Crazy House from the 70's/80's?

I have a memory of starting to go through a Haunted/Crazy House when I was probably about 6 years old (this would have been 1979/1980-ish).

There was a room where everything was upside down (furniture on the ceiling, etc), and then another room that was completely dark, except for (I think) lights on the floor?

My memory is fuzzy, and I didn't get farther than those 2 rooms, because the dark room freaked me out and I made my Dad take me back to the front.

Can anyone tell me anything about this? Name of the attraction, photos, when it was taken out, anything? I seem to remember it being in the area of the arcade.

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Likely Upside Down Funhouse located approx. where Giant Wheel is now.

Correct, it was the Upside Down Funhouse, removed to make way for Kid Arthur's Court. Too bad you didn't go all the way through, the slide at the end way a lot of fun.

I have vague memories of the Funhouse--would have been a young child. I do remember once my parents having to take me out "early" at an exit somewhere through the middle of the venue. But I also remember being brave enough at some later point to make it to the slides at the end!

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Loved those slides!

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That was before my time. Now I sadly feel I missed out on something. I love a good slide.

(Now, the Sky Slide was not before my time. I miss that thing. Fiberglass burns and all.)

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That's it!! Thanks!

My memory of the upside down room was that the floor was sloped pretty severely making it tricky and very fun to try to maneuver through the back and forth cue rails.

Very cool fun house I loved growing up. Had an upside down room with a old lady in a rocking chair that creaked. sloped floor room; twirling tunnel; funhouse mirrors etc. Very fun!. You worked your way up levels and ended at the top. If you look at the old postcard above you see the three tubes. Those were slides that were really tight spirals and you came out shoots that are right in the center there where the railings were. If you didn't want to do the slides there were steps and the exit door and ramp on the right is where you came out for those. One of my favorite memories is those slides. Generally you went down the slide and then had to climb out of the chute at the end. So we went through the fun house with my parents and I went down the slide first; then my brother; then my dad. My mom was last and as soon as she started out on the slide she laid back which made her go faster. You could hear her screaming the whole way down and she came blasting out of the base and went down the full length of the chute and right off the end screaming the whole way and landed on her butt on the concrete walkway. I was laughing my head off and pointing at her telling everyone "That's my mom!" She was quite embarrassed and none to happy about it. LOL!!!! I wish they still had attractions like this there. The old Earth Quake & Pirate dark rides and this fun House were some of my favorite things there for years and the whole family could ride them.

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