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So I looked but could not find a good thread that would fit this topic. Basically, what are your ideas/themes for a haunt? A Scare Zone? Where do you think they should put it?

I have the biggest hunch they will add a building similar to the current Hexed building near Gatekeeper where the "holding pin" is for Valravn, this year or next. My idea would be the "Skarecrow Factory" since Valravn is bird themed, eh... eh?? I know Corn Stalkers has scarecrows but I feel like this would be a good theme especially given the location. It could also advertise to visit Corn Stalkers before or after visiting this one.

Interesting idea. They can always use more Haunt attractions. Spread that crowd out!!!

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I'd say use the shoot the rapids site for a scare zone or a haunted house for Halloweekends. It could be mine themed or something like that.

get rid of cornstalkers, and do a new outdoor theme

for indoors, I would like to see a haunted laboratory or medieval theme

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They could combine them both. Picture this - a lab... inside of a castle.

Inside, there'll be a Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania that's creating a man from scratch, so there's that, too.

Alchemy chamber type medieval laboratory?

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Did they have a haunt or something extra a few years ago on Millennium Island tied in with the Dinosaurs Alive exhibits or am I imaging that? It's probably too big of a production to turn that into a full scale haunt I suppose -- at least if they are trying to still keep it open during the daylight hours for regular dinosaur visitor tours.

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They had a haunt on the island before the dinosaurs.

I believe in 2014, and possibly prior, there was a trick-or-treat with the dino's event held on the island.

They put costumes on the dinos for that trick or treat ordeal. My son loved it. He was disappointed this year that they didn't have trick or treating there.


Here's what I think Cedar Point should do with Halloweekends:

I'm going to cover three topics

1. Indoor Haunted House Life Expectancy

2. Outdoor Scare Zone Life Expectancy

3. My Ideas for Halloweekends!

Indoor Haunted House Life Expectancy:

Hexed should be on the cut off list in a couple years and possibly Wax Museum!

Erie Estate might be the only haunt to never go this one might stay there forever and has a special case because its themed after G.A Boeckling and he is a loved and well respected by Cedar Fair so I don't think the will ever remove this one!

Zombie High School is in my opinion the best indoor this season it has more years of it!

Slaughterhouse is the newest indoor of these 6 I think it'll stay for a couple more years!

As for Eternity Infirmary I think this one will stay for a couple more years!

Outdoor Scare Zone Life Expectancy:

Blood On the Bayou still has many more years of being in Halloweekends I cant think of anything else that would fit the themeing for the area under Iron Dragon better!

Cornstalkers has many more years too because the name is so well known worldwide and it always has the longest lines for a haunt on Saturdays!

Screamworks needs a theme change in the next couple years I'm staring to get bored of seeing the same mechanical objects.

Cut Throat Cove is an interesting one ill talk more about this one in the third topic!

Tombstone Terror-Tory is an interesting one ill talk more about this one in the third topic!

Fearytales has to go after this season its very badly set up the screamsters in here are funny its just prepared awfully!

My Halloweekends Ideas:

Outdoor Scare Zone ideas:

First of all I think FearyTales should get replaces after this year and the circus tents should go back in Camp Snoopy. Cedar Point has like 5 other CarnEvil's at other cedar fair locations it shouldn't be hard to get the props for CarnEvil to return back, So Cedar Point step right up!

Next I see that Tombstone Terror-Tory and Cut Throat Cove run into each other it might not be an issue to you but its always bothered me. I think Cedar Point should move Cut Throat Cove back to the Millennium Island and bring back Terror Island this would bring back the legendary duo of CarnEvil and Terror Island being one who's been to Halloweekends since 2004 going from Terror Island to CarnEvil was very convenient cause both led into each other. I feel like Cedar Point should then move Tombstone Terror-Tory into the Cut Throat Cove area this way your maximizing Tombstone Terror-Tory's potential to be much longer then 20 second walk-through!

Now as I mentioned earlier for Terror Island to come back CP would have to get rid of the Dino's well not completely! Cedar Point can just move the Dinosaur animatronics into the Screamworks area in the coming years for a themeing update and have another Dinoslaughter like they have one at ValleyFair.

As for the front I would like to see a outdoor scare zone in the front like how Fear Fair was Valravn and Raptor area make it a great area for a medieval themed because Valravn is themed after a raven but the lines theme is of a castle.

Indoor Haunted House ideas:

I think what could be a great replacement for the Hexed building would be the Toy Factory this can be done cause they have a Toy Factory in California's Great America and they can just move the props it would be a great idea to bring back Happy Jack out by Gatekeeper!

As for a new indoor i would like to see a Alien themed indoor out by Magnum I think it would be cool to incorporate alien props into a cool indoor!

Like I said for the indoors not much work is needed to improve!

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and thank you for reading my reply!

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After visiting Kings Island for their haunts a couple weekends ago, I think CP could learn a thing or 2 from them. I would like to see something like Kill Mart come to CP. And I liked their Field of Screams haunt. In addition to that, I wish they did some FunPix at the CP haunts like they do at KI. Some of the photos we got turned out cool and funny.

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Perhaps they could do some old ride tributes, ie. have a scene where someone has been run over by a Disaster transport bobsled... Maybe have one of the Cadillac cars go psychotic ala Christine and have it running over actors. You could even throw in the ghost of that school counselor who got killed under Raptor, the ghosts of the guests who were held under water in Shoot The Rapids and some horribly scarred individuals who were whipped by the broken Thunderhawk cable a few seasons ago....

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What in the hell is wrong with you?

Especially given the recent Ohio fair incident.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

cptedsdisciple2- Um, no. That's just awful. The key to HalloWeekends being fun is it's all pretend. Maybe they should add a KMG Fireball missing a gondola?

I always thought the crashed Demon Drop and Sky Ride carts were fun. But they weren't depicting anyone who was actually hurt.


Am I the only one who thinks Hexed should be removed? I know it will have only been around 3 full seasons before this years event takes place, but come on. No offense to any of the team behind it or any of the Screamsters as I know it's not their fault but that maze is pathetic on some viewings. Same goes for Fear-Y Tales.

It wouldn't upset me. The haunts were better when there were fewer mazes with more actors in each one. As the event gained popularity, the solution was to spread the crowds to more mazes, but that caused the actors to be spread thin between the attractions.

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I wouldn't be surprised if this is Eden Musee's last season. I think that's the most likely to go. With the remodeling of MS, I would think they would want to clean up that infield and they could use that space for queue. Maybe they could leave the building intact and use that for some shaded queue.

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Although I have very little (read:zero) interest in haunts, I've wondered about Eden Musee as well, merely for the fact that it sits on what will be primo real estate.
The building could be used as "indoor" queue and could be themed to the ride like the ones by Mystic Timbers. Or a shed for lockers, a store, or refreshments.

The haunt itself may be worth saving, and the facade is an awesome thing a lot of visitors don't get to see because it's so hidden. Maybe they should retire that high school thing in the front and move Musee up there. The facade would look awesome in front of the shelter building all lit up at night and after all, it's near where the original attraction was anyway.

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Rts20m said:

Am I the only one who thinks Hexed should be removed? I know it will have only been around 3 full seasons before this years event takes place, but come on. No offense to any of the team behind it or any of the Screamsters as I know it's not their fault but that maze is pathetic on some viewings. Same goes for Fear-Y Tales.

Am I the only one who thinks that every single maze could/should be completely overhauled? Eerie Estates was really cool... in 2009 when it opened. Don't get me wrong, I love Halloweekends. But it's the same mazes again and again and again. At the same time, the park is still absurdly packed, so I guess there's no reason to change it. A vicious cycle.

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