Has Power Tower been painted since being built?

The ride is starting to look very faded these days! The red doesn’t even look like red in the one tower.

Magnum and Maverick could use some new paint as well…

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When people were commenting on the "shades of gray" being applied to Top Thrill 2, I felt that it would fit that area if Power Tower shared in that basic color scheme.

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Ive noticed it for a few years. Always felt the job would be a pain in the butt because the interior colors are harder to get to with all the cable and pipes.

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As far as Power Tower goes, I would rather they invested in new loudspeakers or considered relocating them, so that they're not blasting at level infinity directly in your ears while you're in the standby pens waiting to load.

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The times I rode Power Tower this summer the operations were painstakingly slow. But the loudspeakers Dvo speaks of were blasting cryptic messages. "Drop east ready. Shot west ready. Drop west your restraints have been unlocked. Check seat 10, red. etc...." We were on drop facing west and the view is very nice that direction. I saw some people all the way over in the Iron Dragon queue looking up at us and we waved, they waved back, then we dropped.

The slow ops on what is almost always just two of the four towers running has really become a problem. In July they were averaging 6 minutes between dispatches on drop side (while running just one drop tower) and assuming they load each seat without an empty, that's 120 per hour on drop side. Not that the ride even comes close to the demand it had when it was new, but, still.

My Power Tower factoid is that the up side and the down side take about the same amount of time. I’d think that the up side would have a shorter cycle but one time I caught them both dispatching at the same time and they came in to land about the same time.

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Wishes have been granted! Per the most recent Top Thrill Pit Stop, Power Tower is getting fresh new paint!

Also, on PT it is still the old CP logo. Will that be updated too I wonder?

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It showed on goggle. They are painting black, blue, and red.

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Painting any large ride seems like a huge endeavour, but painting the inner tubes of Power Tower seems like a huge pain in the ass.

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Throw in a nice Sandusky winter and I hope they get paid well is all I'm saying

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According to the Register:

...25-year-old ride maintains its classic white exterior, the smaller tubes in all four towers will be painted black, and the larger tubes in two towers will have red tubes and the other two blue tubes.

I was worried they were going to pull a Rougarou-Valravn, and paint PT the same damn colors at TT2, but it appears that at least the red is a bit darker shade that what's used on TT2, thankfully. Screen grab from LEL's latest update.

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Color variation sounds nice but also close enough that it fits.

I like how this is coming together.

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