HallowWeekends - First Day - Sept 17


I'm from Canada and haven't been to the Point in ages. I'm in Ohio for a wedding on Saturday, Sept 18th, and it looks like my only day to get to the Point is going to be Friday, Sept 17th - the first day the park is open for HallowWeekends which is open 6pm to Midnight.

Is this traditionally a crazy day to go? I'd mostly be going for the rides, but maybe take in one house. I don't have a budget, so I'm OK with getting Fast Lane, regardless of the cost. I don't see that they offer anything past Sept 6th.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thank you!

djfred -

The FL and FL+ passes for HallowWeekends have been released. So I picked up a pair of passes, hopefully the weather is favourable - it's the only day we can go. The pass says it's good for the 24 rides, but I guess if they have limited ride availability on the first Friday it's just the way the cookie crumbles.

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As someone who visits yearly, the first two Fridays, especially the first Friday of Halloweekends, are not crowded at all. As the fall progresses, crowds pick up, but the crowds have never been bad on the first Friday evening. Get there for early entry at 5 if you can.

Just saw the list of rides available on Days they open at 6 on the Haunt part of the website. https://www.cedarpoint.com/events/halloweekends/haunt/attractions/r...ailability

djfred -

I can deal with that listing :)

The first couple Halloweekends are GENERALLY a bit less busy than the next few. But it's all HIGHLY dependent on weather. No one has a crystal ball though.

Remember Friday evening is usually limited in ride availability. I’m sure somebody here knows but I don’t believe the list of ride closures has been released.
As for the day itself I’d say of all the Friday’s it’s probably one of the best to try for. Weather will be a factor.
FL+ would be helpful.

djfred -

I'd like to get FL+ but it's not available online. Do they offer them in-park during HallowWeekends or may they be released at a later date?

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