Halloweekends Fast Lane Plus?

From all that I have read, Fast Lane Plus would not be necessary on a Sunday, mid-september during Halloweekends. What is your experience? And if I get to CP and my hunch is incorrect and the lines are long, can Fast Lane Plus be purchased on the fly? I don't want to be wasteful.

Every time I have ever been to CP in my life, it has been during the summer, and lines for headliners such as Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force are in excess of 90 minutes, usually closer to 2 hours. I have not been in over 5 years, though, so I don't know how things have changed.

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In the past Sundays during Halloweekends have been amazing.

However, I will say that overall attendance is up this year, and we've had a couple of summer Sundays FAR busier than anything we've seen in four seasons of being passholders. I'm honestly not quite sure what to expect this year, but Sundays are our go-to day.

But I'm kinda thinking it's going to be busier than we're used to, if the rest of the summer has been any indication.

The website says "supplies are Limited" but I think its a crock.

It all depends on the weather.

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A good strategy for the days you mentioned is to wait and see if you need/want FL+ and buy it in the park.

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Yes. You can buy FL+ at the park. Many gift shops sell it.

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