HalloWeekends 2022 Attraction Lineup


Details for this year's event have been posted. New house and several new shows for 2022. Looks like a good year!

It appears that the Tricks and Treats name and branding is no longer being used at Cedar Point, although most of the family-friendly activities will still be offered.

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Interesting. Club Blood 2022. I always liked that concept.

Also - looks like there's actually 2 new houses - Eerie Estate is getting a revamp into "The Haunting of Eerie Estate"

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It all sounds lazy...

e x i t english said:

Also - looks like there's actually 2 new houses - Eerie Estate is getting a revamp into "The Haunting of Eerie Estate"

Ah, good catch. Carowinds is also doing a variation of Knott's Scary Farm's Paranormal Inc.

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

I'm glad they replaced Deprivation.

I wonder why they’re doing limited ride availability on Fridays even though they’re going to be open all day. I assume it has to do with staffing, but I don’t think they had limited availability on Fridays last fall did they?

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I think you are correct Jake. I looked at the ride availability from last year about a month ago and I'm pretty sure it was Thursday evenings only. Hard to confirm now that the site has been updated for this year.

Some of the closed rides include: Corkscrew, Sky Ride, CP&LE Railroad, Camp Snoopy, and Gemini.

In the past I believe the list can be changed week-to-week depending on staffing. My family is planning to go for a Thursday/Friday hotel stay, so we will be monitoring. Still not a bad list overall though. In years past I recall Rougarou and Iron Dragon not being open on Fridays.

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I'm just happy they kept Slaughterhouse for the 2022 lineup. On the other hand, Hexed: Black Magic looks good, and they have a production of the Tell-Tale Heart. NGL, I'm kinda looking forward to that.

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I'm very excited for the upgraded version of Erie Estates. I hope they keep the path in the house the same along with keeping a little bit of light on in the house. Otherwise, I'll walk into the walls lol.

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