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It appears the HalloWeekends pages have been updated with some of the 2018 offerings. Screamworks is apparently being replaced by Trail of the Forsaken. Also, Hexed will become Hexed: Lights Out.

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I haven't been to Halloweekends in a few years now, but isn't Deprivation already a lights-out haunt?

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I thought Deprivation is what you get waiting in a coaster queue on a Halloweekends Saturday.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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^Or the Steel Vengeance line, all hours of the day, now that people don't have their phones. :)

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Deprivation is no lights at all. Total darkness, feel your way out. Hexed: Lights Out gives each group a flashlight.

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Trail Of The Forsaken sounds like a new and weird idea for a scarezone, but in a good way. I had figured that Screamworks was on its way out and I think this will be a good replacement. Hexed: Lights Out is a cool new twist but I don't think CP will be able to handle it and make it work in the same way that Knotts Scary Farm has been doing with Trick R Treat out west

Midnight Syndicate has already mentioned they were coming back , always great to watch this show.

"We are happy to announce that Midnight Syndicate will be returning to Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends event this Fall with a brand new production of their Midnight Syndicate Live! show. More details to come…"

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I noticed today that the scary building on a barge for Blood on the Bayou is in place in the Iron Dragon pond. It is missing the two headed figure.

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The tweeted that in addition to Skyride and Windseeker the Antique cars would not be running this weekend. Out of couriosity are they impacted by cool damp weather? I don’t pay much attention to the cars as my boys are never interested for whatever reason.

No, it is a staffing issue more than likely. Windseeker could be a case of knowing the weather will not be kind and just moving staff ahead of time.

Not to mention, Cadillac Cars have been open all Halloweekends. So they really don’t need Antique Cars open.

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Antique Cars is also surrounded by scare zones, while Cadillac Cars is not.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

Well, I think the main reason that Antique Cars never opened for the remainder of the season was because of a fallen tree. Pics of it are on various fan sites and I personally saw a filled hole where the stump was. I believe this tree fell during a windstorm. Therefore, the ride joined Sky Ride and WindSeeker in a "we might be able to staff these rides but the weather is so poor that it wouldn't be in our best interest to do it if they're going to be down all the time" scenario. They will certainly have to inspect the metal guide on the Antique Cars track during the off-season anyway. Although I have to admit that the tree does open up some fantastic views of SV, so as much as I hate lost trees, I don't mind this as much.

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I highly doubt a fallen tree shut down the ride for the rest of the season. You remove the tree to clear the track and the metal guide inspection would probably take mainetance less than five minutes. It makes sense not to staff the Antique Cars in the middle of a fright zone when they have the Cadillac Cars on the very family friendly Main Midway.

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