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Saturday, September 13, 2014 2:13 PM

As many of you know, yesterday was the opening night of HalloWeekeneds! The park again threw an event for coaster club members along with media, and it was another top notch event. We were treated to Gatekeeper ERT from 4-5pm, early entry rides, dinner at the Midway Market, first guests into the new Hexed house and a bright orange HalloWeekends hoodie!

The park was filled with really cool new midway decor and the Hexed house was really well done. We had the opportunity to try out the skeleton key rooms and those were a unique addition to the houses. The standout skeleton key room was at Eerie Estate.

We saw two shows yesterday including the Midnight Syndicate show in the Good Time Theater which was AWESOME! At first I thought it was a bit slow to start, but a really fun story line built up and the ending was just amazing. The production of the show was really good and included some really great effects. The crowd was really into it and the show received a well deserved round of applause following. There was even a surprise once you left the theater... Really loved this show.

Overall, we had an incredible opening night! Thanks to CP for all the planning and work that went into this great event for us to enjoy.

Click below to see some of the pictures from the event. More to come!


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Monday, September 15, 2014 7:38 AM

Stopped back at the park yesterday... Have some additional notes:

The front of the park has really livened up a bit with the pony rides, kid pedal tractors, foam pit, mazes,etc... It was really popular with the families. The new zone back by Maverick was cool. I really liked the skeleton horses and wagon props. Overall, the park just has a really good atmosphere this year. Yesterday was also a picture perfect day (pun intended... those will be coming this week!).

For those who are unaware, Hotel Breakers has also been decorated. The main lobby and hallways are just beautiful! Hundreds, if not thousands of bats above the guest rooms along with other d├ęcor. I never would have thought to check in there before, but it was awesome. I will have pictures of that as well coming in the next update here. I am excited to see the renovations completed next year, it should be amazing.

We had watched the Magic Show yesterday as we had missed it on Friday night. The bass level was a bit extreme with the audio, but the show was good!

Everything in the park was walk-on including MF, Dragster and Maverick... Along with the haunted houses, so we did a few of those as well. Really great day to be at the park.

It is easily the best year I can remember for HalloWeekends! The house line-up is solid, the shows are great and atmosphere is better than ever.

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Monday, September 15, 2014 1:42 PM

It was nice to see the usual Breakers decorations for Halloween even though most of the hotel won't be open for the last few weekends.

The show lineup is pretty solid this year. I'm glad we weren't the only ones who noticed the extreme bass level at Sideshow in the Jack Aldrich Theatre. The volume wasn't necessarily higher than normal, it was just that the bass seemed way off. It was actually a little unpleasant after a while.

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