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I am planning to be at the park Sunday Sept. 25. I haven't been to the park in over 8 years and the last time I was there the park was very busy and I didn't get on many rides. So with that being said I am seriously considering purchasing a Fast Lane Plus ticket so that I can get on as many rides, multiple times and get the most out of my day. I have read a few of the other older forum posts regarding this, but I wanted to ask, is Sunday typically busy during Holloweekends? Has anyone purchased a Fast Lane Plus pass and was it worth the extra cost? I also read in a earlier forum post that even if the Fast Lane passes are sold out online, they still sell them at the park. Does anyone know how roughly many additional they sell at the park? Any other information anyone has to help is appreciated.

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Angierae -

I was there on the 25th, and we ended up getting the free FL+ that comes with renewing your 2017 pass, since the next time I know my daughter and I will be there together is closing day.

We basically walked onto everything, it was lovely. In six hours, we did:

Dragster x2
Antique Cars

Sat and had a beer

Played in the petting zoo
Millennium x2
Ice cream and a parade
Valravn x2

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Eh, Sunday's are generally manageable. Valravn will have long lines no matter what day you go. But if you want to maximize your visit, you can go ahead and get Fast Lane. Even if you only save 10 or 15 minutes per ride, that adds up to lots of extra time that you could spend doing something besides waiting in line.

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If the weather is decent or better, VERY busy. As opposed to Saturdays which are RIDICULOUSLY busy.

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