Group of CP Virgins

A group (8-10) of guys on a budget headed to the park for the first time. We have a lot of questions:

Mainly, where is the cheapest place to stay? Is it worth it to stay at the resorts or buy a cheaper room outside the city (we're driving to CP)?

We want to do 2 days, any pointers on where to find the cheapest tickets?

Are the Fast Passes worth it? Especially worth it if we're doing 2 days? Can you experience the whole park in 2 days?

We really appreciate any advice!

Shane Denmark -

Buy your 2-day Ride & Slide tickets now for $69.99 at Try to buy them all on one transaction because they will whack you with a transaction fee ($5.95?)... Gets you both Cedar Point & CP Shores for 2 days. I don't think it gets any cheaper.

JohnnyHere -

Thanks, Shane!

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The light house point cabins sleep up to 10.
They're located at the back of the park.

Bring food with you and grill there, saves a lot of $$$.
The food in CP is mediocre at best and $15 for a burger fry meal. If 10 of you have three meals in the park each day, that's $900, the cabins are within walking distance of Park entrance.
The cabins and RV sites are the only grills, hotels don't have them.

Two days you'll get everything done, get in for early entry for guests that stay at CP hotels/cabins an hour before park opens and ride the big new coasters before public is let in. You should get 3-5 rides in before park opens.

Also not waiting for the painfully slow workers at the food stands and eating your own food will save you hours waiting for service over two days.

There are microwaves, make food ahead of time and heat it up for quick eating. And grill fresh food after park closes for next day. (Repeating the food service is painfully slow especially when you want to ride) park offers free shuttle service to hotels and cabins from close to entrance, but young guys can shouldn't have a problem walking there faster.

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JohnnyHere -

Thank you for all this info! We appreciate it!

Do you know if there are hotels in Sandusky? Is Sandusky the closest city or are there other cities closer/cheaper?

Chris49 -

These are great ideas. If you stay in a cabin and come EARLY IN THE SEASON, you won't need fast lane passes.


Cargo Shorts -

There are hotels in Sandusky and surrounding areas like Huron and Milan to east/south that will have cheaper rates. Keep in mind without a season pass or staying at a Cedar Fair property you don't get early entry so always keep that in your calculations.

Book early for better rates. Sometimes rates can be lower day of or a few days out but that is a risky gamble.

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I like XS Nightclub's suggestion. You could set it up like a Boy Scout Patrol and have a duty roster with 2 guys in charge of each meal and they leave a bit early to get things ready. You will eat better and save tons of money.

With 2 days and early entry you shouldn't need FL.

The other options are cheap rooms off-site and carpool in to save on parking or tents at a local campground.

I have heard there are free tickets available for donating blood through the Red Cross at specific blood drives but don't know much about that.

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JohnnyHere -

Awesome idea! Is there a place where we can camp in tents? I thought it was just RV?

samosuband -

Unfortunately you cannot tent camp directly on the peninsula, although there are a few places to camp off site. I'd suggest looking at KOA

Camp Sandusky

Crystal Rock Campground

JohnnyHere -

Thank you very much!

Cargo Shorts -

I have looked online at those campgrounds and they look decent and have showers I believe. I think they are round $26 for a site, you might need 2 and probably an up charge for extra people. They are probably 15-20 minutes from the park so lunch/dinner would require traveling, but the money saved could go a long way towards FL passes.

I will likely use them at least a few times this summer. My boys are Scouts and we haven't been able to make as many outings as I would like this past year and my oldest although a good camper has been showing signs of bug fear recently that we need to work through. That and sometimes after opening and closing the park the 2 hour drive home is a little rough on me.

JohnnyHere -

Thanks, Cargo!

These are really great ideas!


Yes, group of 8-10 guys, please find a place with a shower.

Jake10 -

JohnnyHere, I used to work in the rides department, so if u want any tips on lines, what rides to ride first, good night rides, etc, text me at 740-680-3125

redsfan -

I've camped at Camp Sandusky a few times. When me and my wife didn't have any company on our trip. We had a pop up camper so it was only 32 a night. But they have sheds there that they rent really cheap. If you look them up their the "cabin capital of the world". But your renting a fire ring and a shed. It is electric and a place to sleep. You'd have to come prepared. And probably rent 3 sheds for the night for your group. But 1 night would only run you 150. You'd have to look up the price. I am going to stay there again. I don't think I will this year though.

You can do the whole park in 2 days without buying fastpass. But it helps if you stay on point. Early entry helps alot. The cheapest tickets are always at the resorts and your parking is reimbursed.

That's the cheapest option. And you'd have to take your own food. Travel back and forth. And come prepared.

JohnnyHere -

Thanks, redsfan,

I looked into the sheds and I'm okay with them, but some of the guys are a little less inclined to roughing it. I guess when I said camping, they thought I meant the lighthouse cabin resort.

We did look at a few airbnb places in the area and there are some really great places nearby, so if you all ever need a reasonable place to stay with a large group of people, that's the way to go!! They probably also advertise on Craigslist, but I haven't checked there yet.

-Jake10- I will probably text you later today, okay? I know we would appreciate any advice as to what to ride first and what to ride at night and where the longest lines are, so thank you for your help!

JTaylor -

The KOA has some decent park model trailers for rent as well. 3 bedroom, bath, kitchen. Decently priced last time we stayed there.

Jake10 -

JohnnyHere, I used to work in the rides department, so if u want any tips on lines, what rides to ride first, good night rides, etc, text me at 740-680-3125

Never got a message from you. If I did and I inadvertently erased, I am very sorry. I am still happy to help. Text me if you guys want line tips and good night ride tips.

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