Grad Nite/Group Chaperone

I might be chaperoning a trip to Grad Nite at the park, and I was just wondering if anyone's done this before or chaperoned a similar event? The grads get ERT on Valravn and a party after the park closes, but it doesn't say whether the chaperones are allowed to be part of this as well. I would guess that they would because the alternative would be sitting outside the park on the bus or something, but as far as I can tell, the website doesn't say anything about this. Thanks in advance!


I don't know the policy or the ticket structure or what any of it means.
I am wondering what kind of chaperone you'd be if you sat in the car somewhere while the kids were at the party, though.

CP Maverick -

I can't speak for Cedar Point, but at the cinema when groups come in, we don't charge for the chaperones even though they are also attending. As a chaperone, you are expected to be with the group, right?

Sarah CP Lover -

Yeah, that's why I was thinking chaperones would have to be there. It seems silly that they wouldn't be but I was just wondering if anyone knew.

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