Going Between Both Parks with Platinum Pass

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First off, hello, I'm a platinum pass holder, have went 11 times this year, so I know my way pretty well around the park I think. Wish I would have known about this handy forum earlier.

So anyways I have went to Shores and the park in the same day. What I want to know is though can I just swipe my card and go in between both parks multiple times throughout the day? Do I need a stamp? I never have really tried swiping the card twice for entering the same park twice so I don't know.

I ask mainly cause I want to go to Shores tomorrow but I might want to swoop in the park to see the Mean Streak annoucement quickly.

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I know this is a day late, but just as an FYI for anyone else who is curious - we go park hopping all the time and then out to the beach, etc. and never get stamped. The platinum pass multi swipe is real, and it works well this year.

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I did the stamps and was fine. But that is how it should be anyways, multiswipe as much as you please. Pretty sure I'm done with Shores for the year though now anyways.

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Yeah this hasn't been an issue at Cedar Point for awhile now. Just a word of advice though, don't assume that is the case at other Cedar Fair parks. I made that mistake a few weeks ago at Michigan's Adventure and got scolded by both the parking lady and the person at the admissions gate. So to be safe, I recommend getting a hand stamp.

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I know it has been debated elsewhere in the forum before. It would be nice if you could do the multiple pass swipes in a single day, but it is simpler and safer to just get the hand stamps because I think different people reported inconsistent results in relying on multiple pass swipes. The biggest issue with that for me was last summer when sunscreen + wave pool virtually wiped clean my hand stamp from CP in just a matter of an hour or two at Soak City. I actually left Soak City at one point (and had to get THAT re-entry stamp) just to walk over to the Magnum park entrance and ask the gate attendant to RE-stamp my CP stamp to be sure I could get back in the park when we were done on the lazy river.

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Unless things have changed (I've not been this year), you will get a hand stamp when leaving CPS and when leaving CP. That should allow you to pass between parks without issue.

I was told you could as long as you had a platinum pass, but I'd get your hand stamped just to be safe. If you haven't entered CP after Shores yet, I know for sure your pass will work.

ImpulsivePhoenix -

The thing is though I'd like to go to Shores first, go into the Park to see Mean Streak unveiling, go back into Shores, then back into park.

I mean it would be cool to see the announcement in person but I've only been to Shores 3 times this year and none of the days were really that hot so I'd like to be there for one hot day.

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Scan your pass as many times as you'd like at either park, it hasn't mattered for 4 years.

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