Glasses on Millennium Force?

OK, pretty straightforward question: should I take my glasses off before riding Millennium Force, or will I be OK keeping them on? I have a glasses strap that should hold them pretty snug, but I was wondering what other peoples' experiences were.

I’ve had very bad luck with glasses on MF…. Flew out of my shirt once and broke from the lap bar when they were in my pocket another time. Going forward I put them in my shirt but hold them tightly.

Get a strap. Why worry about your glasses getting broken or lost when they can cheaply be secured?


Get a strap. Why worry about your glasses getting broken or lost when they can cheaply be secured?

I have a strap, thanks. Has cups on each end that go over my earpieces, and a slider to make it fit securely. I was just curious as to whether that was enough to hold my glasses on.

I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure MF allows glasses to be worn without a strap. So I'm confident you'll be good to go using one.

I've had no issues with wearing glasses with a strap and that's after a few hundred rides on it!

Are the glasses loose in fit or tight to your head? Do you sit face forward or do you like to turn left or right or backwards? Do you trust the strap or not? All these things should determine what you might safely do.

I always wear my sunglasses attached by a strap, and I haven’t had a problem. Plus, the glasses protect my eyes from bugs!

Just to add my own experience. I've never lost sunglasses on a roller coaster. I use a strap just so I don't get asked to take them off. They're more likely to get broken in a pocket under some of the tighter restraints. The opposite is true on water slides though. I have lost them there, even with the strap.

I also prefer wearing them on the faster coasters as my eyes don't like the air rushing into them. It's easier to take in the views when I don't have to squint.

In my experience, the only two rides nowadays that still actively require/check for athletic straps are Steel Vengeance and Power Tower. (I’m fairly sure that Top Thrill Dragster also actively monitored for athletic straps, so Project 2024 will likely require athletic straps as well.) There’s around 6 or so other rides that also have athletic strap policies in effect, but their policies are no longer as frequently enforced relative to SV and PT. (Off the top of my head, Millennium Force, GateKeeper, and MaXair fall into this category. Wicked Twister also fell into this category prior to closing.) Still, I think an athletic strap for your glasses is always a must-have at amusement parks!

A strap should be fine. I've never had an issue with my glasses on coasters while wearing one. Now, that being said, I usually wear "last year's" glasses on the coasters and keep my current pair in a locker... just in case. But that's because without them, I'm practically blind (I have 20/900 vision, but since it is correctable to 20/20 I'm not legally blind) Given that Cedar Point is 680 miles from home and my son doesn't have his license yet, I'd be in a VERY bad position in the unlikely event that I lose my glasses and don't have a backup.

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Make sure your glasses fit well, and wear them. On your nose is the safest place for them, and it enhances your safety as well. If you're nervous, get a strap or cord. I have a cord for mine which I use only when the park insists that I do so. Why? Because the only time I have ever had problems with my glasses coming off on a ride was when I was using a cord and it got caught on something. Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom is a great example of why I go cordless...on every single ride that cord goes whipping over my head and wants to catch under my chin...

Caveat: Make sure your glasses fit properly. And by properly I don't necessarily mean "tight"; it's just like with ride restraints where "tighter" != "safer". You want to make sure they will remain in place. To that end, mine have extended ear pieces that come down vertically behind my ears. It takes an intentional act to knock them off.

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I have never had a glasses strap help me keep my glasses secure and on during a ride. I have the strap simply to satisfy the requirement the park has.

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I use straps on my prescription sunglasses for the extra assurance that I don't lost them, because that would suck. But I don't recall ever feeling like I would definitely have lost them without the strap.


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I am in agreement with the last several posts. For me, the strap is mainly a prop or decoration to satisfy the crew. I never had the problem occur that Ride Man describes, with the strap coming over the top of my bald head to the front. I tend to have it pulled a bit tighter when prepping to ride.

In all my years the only glasses mis-hap that I experienced was on Magnum xl200 when I had removed the glasses and placed them wrapped in my Chief Wahoo cap which I then placed down my Foghat shirt. After the tunnel I pulled my cap from the shirt forgetting the glasses were in it and helplessly watched them fall to the area of the roadway below. Never found them.

The only time I’ve ever lost glasses was one morning on my third Maverick ride when a ride op suddenly determined my glasses were a hazard and needed to go in my pocket. I was already seated and locked in but I did my best trying to access a pocket. When the ride was over I stood up, reached back in and sure enough the glasses were gone. They were just cheap gas station sunglasses, ‘cause I’m no fool, but I had to go shopping.

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I use a glasses strap with no issues. Even on Steel Vengeance no issues, and that ride is a tad intense...

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