Glass Blowing Theater - Hands on in 2016

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Posted just recently on the On Point CP blog, a new experience of hands on glass blowing will come to the Glass Blowing Theater in 2016. The Glass Academy of Dearborn will be taking over allowing guests to make simple glass pieces like the "bubble" and a commemorative coin. There will be a fee involved, and reservations are highly reccomended online. More info available on the CP blog


I personally always thought they should allow guests to participate in making some amateur pieces, I'm glad they're finally allowing it. Definitely seems like a fun family activity. Hopefully the fee isn't too extensive :)

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That sounds awesome! The glassblower is one of my favorite non-ride things to do at the Point, and the idea of participating is really exciting to me. :D

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I have done this sort of thing at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY. It is really fun to do! Hopefully it won't be too expensive. I will have to try it.

In Corning, they require you to have closed toe shoes with soles and long pants to enter the glassblowing area for safety reasons. I wonder what Cedar Point will do regarding that.

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Great idea. I probably won't try it, but it's just another thing for families/older guests to do and take a break from the sun.

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Awesome, I've watched the demonstration thinking I'd love to give it a shot to see what I can do. Nice new addition!

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I'm excited about this. I took a glassblowing class in college and loved it, and have always wanted to try it again. I wonder just how much the guest will be able to do -- like GDUBS said, I'd think pants and shoes would be required. I guess if you have to sign up for an appointment in advance, you'd come prepared (unlike missing my ride on the rotor at Worlds of Fun because I was wearing sandals...).

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