Gemini on an island and other 1975 ideas

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Did you know Cedar Point originally considered the potential of a much different expansion in the 1970s?

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Anyone know why they didn't go along with this?

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Several things happened, not the least was the passing of Emile Legros, and the accession of Robert Munger to CEO. There was a change in operating philosophy with that move. Then there was the purchase of Valley Fair, and ultimately the formation of Cedar Fair.

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Was this an announced concept, or was this put out internally and another direction was gone before announcing?

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I had heard once upon a time that Gemini was originally slated to be one of the rides built in the new park in southern Michigan, near the Irish Hills. For those who don't know, Cedar Point, up until just the last few years, owned some land near Onsted, Michigan. It was originally going to be a brand new park, but I think they realized that this was already in their market area. To which I will attest. I live only 30 minutes from this land, and a trip to Cedar Point every summer is very much an annual tradition for most people around here. They shelved the plans, and leased the land out for farming until just a few years ago, when it was finally sold.

The plans for the Irish Hills park came about during the great oil embargo of 1973-74. There was some very serious concerns that they would loose all of the business from the West if people either couldn't get gas regularly, or afford it when it was. The concept of a park that was a short hop in that market was developed. Property was obtained, plans were drawn and architects models built. But by the Bicentennial the realization that things weren't going to be what they feared the plans were shelved, and the land leased out to local farmers. They had lost a number of middle management people to Marriott during that time period, and it was felt that land banking would be a prudent thing, if Marriott decided to encroach in their territory. By the turn of the century it became very apparent that they had really nothing to fear as far as competition and quietly put the word out that the land was available.

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It would be a totally different place if they would have went with those plans!

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