G forces

Does anyone know or have an opinion on how many G forces this yhing will pull? *** This post was edit by Bob Dole on 12/1/99. ***
i had heard 5 somewhere, but i don't remember where i heard it...

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Servo, 5 g's sounds a bit high to me. The ride designers don't like to go much higher than 4 because at that point the ride gets down right uncomfortable if not a bit painful from the g's. One other thing to keep in mind is that the "average" human can black out at 5 g's. The more short more athletic person can endure a little more.

But I have to think that you butt is going to be firmly glued to the seat in the first turn around carrying all of that speed.
Many coasters do 5 G's (PKI has one that does almost 6 G's). Of course that is only for about a fraction of a milla secound.
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