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So the gaps I see currently in Cedar Point’s line-up are (in no particular order)…A GCI, a flume and a dark ride. Do you think there’s enough room on Adventure Island to fit all three? The story for theming of the land could tie all three attractions in.

One thing they’d also have to solve if they decide to use the island again is a secondary access point by Snake River expedition so that people can find it from Frontier Trail and the Gemini Midway.

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While convenient, I'm not sure why they would have to give a secondary access point. They had FF on the island with a single entry path. And I have my doubts about fitting all of that on the island, in addition to a certain blue giga coaster. I suspect that in the years to come the island will be utilized again, but time will tell. And just for the sake of voting (no one asked for this), I'd want a dark ride before the other two, and it doesn't necessarily need to be on the island. :)

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I think a dark ride could be placed in several areas of the park where it wouldn't obstruct the view of the lake or bay. I can see a GCI replacing one of the existing coasters (Corkscrew). Finally that would leave the island just for a flume. Someone else on here suggested to re-purpose SRE boats into a transportation ride like the rail road. Keep the existing dock off the Gemini midway, and construct another dock near Prof. Delbert attraction while maintaining the same route around the island.

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Another dock means more staff. Something CP has proven it doesn’t handle well. GCI and flume would both be great around the island, and i wouldn’t mind losing SRF for that.

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I'm not sure you will ever see a building the size of a dark ride on the island. I would guess it would need easy access for firetrucks and that isn't going to happen with water on all sides.

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