Fun at the Old Cedar Point new edition

Many Cedar Point fans have asked me about other history projects/books 1870 Publishing Group is involved in.


Being released at Winter Chill is a reprint of a book called "Fun at the Old Cedar Point." This originally came out in the late 1980's. Not many were printed and Glenn Everett, the author, passed away in the mid 1990s, so the original is kind of rare. The concept is that you are taking a time machine with the author back to 1935 Cedar Point to explore the rides, games, and entertainment during the Great Depression. Glenn Everett grew up in Sandusky and worked at the Point during the Depression so this is all based on his memories.

We reformatted the book, edited it, improved the layout and artwork, and improved the cover. Check it out.

Will be available at Winter Chill this Saturday. General release is the 1st. The Sandusky Maritime Museum, Merry-Go-Round Museum, Bay Popcorn Shoppe, the RB Hayes Museum in Fremont, and Amazon.

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I didn't know about it until reading this post but now I'm interested. I love the history of the Point! That's such a fascinating concept. Thank you!

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DJ Fischer

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Thanks Ken, I'll definitely add it to the collection.

I have the reprint from the '80's. IIRC, only 100 copies were printed.- a fun, entertaing, and educational read! Looking forward to Ken's makeover.

Now on Amazon, decided to release it a bit early. If you are in Sandusky or Fremont, please shop local.

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Any partner stores I can pick it up though online or in the SE Michigan area? I'm more than happy to avoid Amazon even if it means paying a bit more.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

^Yes, what he said.

I would be particularly interested if I could order or buy it from, say, Literati in Ann Arbor.

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We already do have a copy of this book. It is the 'original?' It has a green cover with ladies on carousel horses.

It is autographed by Mr Everett.

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Just got the email and show it's available in the cedar point store?

If nothing else I'll buy there before Amazon.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

Cedar Point has them in stock, but not in their online store yet.

Just got added to Cedar Point's online store.

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