fry deal for platinums

When did they take away the 2 large pops with the french fry deal? It isn't like they can't afford to give away pop, it costs them practically nothing!

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It's still available.

It's gone. I got two drinks and fries on opening weekend but on last Sunday they said it was changed the free fry only.

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Two large sodas and a large order of fries for a meal. Be still my heart.

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I asked this past weekend and from what I understand the deal has changed. Order a chili cheese fry and you only get a fry for free, you no longer get the two drinks. This is new this season.

I understand the frustration, but I already bought a season pass fill up cup and already get the drinks anyways. It was an awesome deal! But usually all good things come to an end. So if there is a sweet deal or awesome thing happening, enjoy it while you can!


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It seems like they probably changed it to be consistent with the "no drinks included" on the all-day and all-season dining plans.

But they also could do away with the deal entirely if they wanted to. They already have your money.

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Except it's not a meal plan deal - it's a "discount" if you have a platinum pass. It used to be that you bought a Chili Cheese fry, you got a regular order of fries and 2 drinks with it for $8 after tax.

Now, it's the same price, but you don't get the drinks

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Cartwright said:
Two large sodas and a large order of fries for a meal. Be still my heart.

It will be still all right. Sugar, fat, carbs & sodium-all 4 major American food groups. (Not judging you, I'm just as guilty with my cheese on a stick)

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I guess what gets me is the soda. I have never liked it and don't understand how people drink the stuff by the gallon, especially in a hot theme park.

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So your department manager is sitting in a meeting with all the others, you ask how are our promos working out?

Manager:Well the buy a Chili Fry get a Free Fry and 2 Drinks deal is going well, we've seen an increase of...(&@$!?)
Why did you just throw that conference phone at me?

You: Get Out!

Manager: why what did I do?

You: have you looked anywhere in the park where we are not pushing the soda cups, including our new all season one? And you are giving away free sodas... Get out!

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Does anyone have a copy of the current available Platinum discounts? They used to publish a detailed PDF. If I hadn't already known about the fries, I would have never found out.

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Go to their website. It's posted there.

Unless you see something that I don't, the website is (or was) extremely vague about the platinum discounts.

Thanks. They hadn't posted that last time I checked. It looks like nearly all the platinum discounts are gone. The only two left are the fries and the Sunday-only deal. That's a bit disappointing. I actually used to spend money on food. It looks like I will go back to packing lunch.

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I would venture that...

1) There is now an all-season dining plan

2) Most people doing that will be pass holders

3) They want you to purchase the dining plan instead of relying on a deal here, a deal there, etc.

Not to mention the new drink deals (daily or all-season).

In short? New deals are replacing old deals

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I believe that is a fair point. I'm still not sold on the dining plan based on the price/options available. I would need to visit twice as many times to get equal value to buying individually when I visit, so it's not a good option for me. I won't get a souvenir cup because it doesn't fit in my pockets. If they had a once-per-day option, I might look at it. I don't remember the last time I ate twice in a visit.

The 10% off discount helps the food prices some, better than nothing.
We did all day dining plans for 2 days and then Sunday since we were leaving early we just bought one meal with our discount. (Love the Frontier Inn Chicken tenders!).

I'm okay with the price/choices on the meal plan this year and I am not surprised the fry deal went away (not sure why they change it midseason rather than from the start), but trying to get food at CP can be an irritating experience.

For as well as CP does with operating big coasters, they really suck at operating food stands. For one, if you look around on any given day (even Memorial weekend on Saturday or Sunday), at least 2/3rds of the specialty carts are closed. Even the Freestyles by Gemini and Millennium Force have shortened hours (not sure what they are exactly, but don't try to use them at the beginning or the end of the day). The Coke truck by the All Wheels stadium is sparingly open. Get these things open so people can fill their cups there and not clog the food lines.

I had one group in front of me at Happy Friar. They were trying to order the platinum fry deal and they might as well have been speaking another language. Then I get up there and was able to order my fries and corn dogs pretty quickly and then I wait and wait and wait - at least 10-15 minutes and I am not exaggerating. It's not like they are making gourmet meals at these stands. Most of them only have a couple of items. Why does the person taking orders have to take your money, shout out your order, disappear for 5-10 minutes, and then come back with your food? There has to be a better way. There has to be a consultant or something that the park can bring in to get this right. Hopefully they are better than IROC at what they do. :)


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Anyone notice the ordering kiosks that have been popping up in various places? I think I remember seeing one at Hot Potato and at Roundup. I didn't notice if they were online yet, but presumably you will be able to order on the kiosk and then just go to the window to pick up your food, hopefully speeding up service.

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