Frontier Town Trolley

On the cover of the Rolling Through the Years book, there is a drawing featuring several Frontier Town attractions, one of which is a trolley. Does anyone know if and when this actually existed? Thanks!

It did not. Sort of.
There was and still is a street car that sells popcorn if I recall correctly. It’s near the gazebo by Town Hall.
It’s a nicely illustrated example of artistic license. There was nothing like that that took passengers around.

Thanks! That makes sense. I had never seen any pictures of it before.

Now that it’s not so early in the morning I’m thinking the popcorn wagon isn’t a streetcar at all. It’s not that big. It’s a wagon, like the horse drawn kind. I’m going to have to go by and pay attention now.
What I know for sure is there was no passenger trolley, no tracks, and really, nowhere for it to go anyway.
I think at the time CP was still imagining itself as the “Disneyland of the Midwest” and that rendering had the Main Street USA vibe.

I remember it as something like a stage coach wagon.

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