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Have you tried the new Frontier Inn? What did you think of it?

I ate there tonight and thought it was good. This is a solid addition to the food lineup at the park. I had the buffalo chicken tenders with fries meal. I wanted waffle fries but they ran out. A little pricey, but what do you expect at an amusement park? The meals come with chicken tenders, fries and a drink, which is a fairly good sized drink. It came out to somewhere around $13.50 with the platinum pass discount.

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That was $13.50? Yikes!

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$13.50 sounds about right.All entertainment venue concessions are expensive. And, when was the last time your favorite concert venue or sports team built you a 20 or 25 (or more) million dollar coaster? That money has to come from somewhere.

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I ate there yesterday (sorry, I didn't take a pic of my meal) and had the regular chicken tenders and side salad. I have the season meal plan so I really didn't look at the price. My initial thoughts where that the tenders were missing something. Maybe a little seasoning? The 3 tenders were very large and I didn't leave hungry but still thought they were missing something as far as taste.

The side salad was made fresh and not the prepackaged salad you get at other places. The salad was a good size but they need to offer more than just French dressing.

Overall first impression was it was good and filling, but could still be improved on a bit.

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I had the standard chicken tenders. They were quite juicy. The tater tots were good as well, although they weren't exactly intact. I'll admit, I have low standards when it comes to amusement park food as I know I'm not at Ruth's Chris. I have All Season Dining, so will I eat there again? Probably, don't see why not.

We ate there Friday Evening. Had the chicken tenders with tater tots, chicken was great, tater tots fell apart, I needed a fork but did not see a condiment station with napkins and forks etc. I was too hungry to wait in line to ask to see if forks were behind the counter. I am one the meal plan so i will definitely eat there again.

Tried it on Friday night and was a bit disappointed. I will probably give it another shot at some point just to see if my experience was an anomaly. The chicken had decent flavor, but was very greasy and sort of fell apart on attempts to dip it in BBQ. The waffle fries felt like they could use some seasoning and were just terribly ordinary. I prefer bottles of sauces rather than the little plastic disposable ones, but that's not a huge deal and I am sure it's easier to do those.

Overall, Chicken Shack at Kings Island is still a bit better in my opinion because the breading sticks to the chicken better, it's not quite as greasy and they also give you garlic bread which is pretty delicious.


We ate there on Friday and Sunday. Both days were very good. The regular chicken tenders were large, hot and good. Tater tots were better than the French fries. We will eat there again. If you ask for a fork, they will give you one. Service was excellent and staff very friendly.

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I had the tenders and waffle fries and they were delicious! I had to wait a few minuets for the tenders, but it was well worth the wait because they were fresh and hot! The food is a little pricey, I probably wouldn't have ate there if I didn't have a dining plan.

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If the chicken and tater tots were greasy and falling apart, it sounds like the oil temperature was too low. Aside from being set improperly, that can be caused by cooking too much too quickly.

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The chicken tenders I had were excellent, not greasy but moist and tender. The vinegar and buttermilk marinade gave the chicken a nice flavor. The only improvement for me would be some more pepper and maybe some garlic in the breading, which was a little on the bland side. However, I still prefered it to the sweet, honey taste that Chick-fil-a has. The tater tots were ok but I would have prefered them to be a bit crisper, they were a little on the mushy side.

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Ate there Saturday and was underwhelmed. While they are better tenders then offered elsewhere I felt the breading woefully lacked in seasoning and was very bland. I did think they were very tender or juicy which is a plus. I also felt the tenders I was served could've been cooked maybe 15-30 seconds longer to crisp up the breading a little more. It pretty much was falling off the chicken as I ate. It's also possible the tenders I had could have been sitting out for a little too long and they just weren't fresh. I thought the tots were average and slightly under cooked as well as they could have been crispier. Also they were in one giant ball of tot that I had to break apart.

I would give the place a C grade for it being the first day of operation. I'll definitely give it a go a few more times through out the season with the meal plan. I honestly prefer the flavor of chicfila tenders more, so I feel this was a downgrade from that but an upgrade from other current park offerings.

Has anyone had Raising Cains chicken tenders? Now that's a franchise I wouldn't mind in the park!

We sat there on saturday morning and waited for them to open at 11 after Maverick broke down. My family and I have the meal plans. Me, my wife and my daughter all got the chicken tenders basket on the plan. The worker said the buffalo was not on the plan (wasn't surprised, but still wonder on how they choose what is and isn't). Because I wanted Tots with mine, he ended up giving me the Buffalo anyway because they didn't have a regular tenders preped with tots. My son got the sandwich meal.

So to review. I thought the chicken was very good. The color of my buffalo sauces was a brighter orange that what Thabto posted, not sure if they switched sauces, or if it's the coloring of the photo., but the buffalo sauce I had was good. The Waffle fries were a little overcooked, but edible. The tots I had were VERY good. We all finished my tots and threw away a decent amount of the waffle fries (mainly because we were full).

The tender sandwich is a bit of joke by comparison in value. You get 3 decent sized tenders with the basket meal. You get 1 tender slapped into an over-sized (compared to the tender) bun with lettuce, tomato, and pickle. My son loved it because he loves bread, but next time I'm going to get him the tender basket and see what they'll charge me for a bun.

We were happy with the food, and will be going back to Frontier Inn probably many times this season.

I had the regular tenders and tots on Friday, and I liked it. I like the breading on the tenders tehre, as opposed to the overly bready, dried up ones that you get on other tenders throughout the rest of the park. Also, the tenders were bigger and tastier, with more chicken and less breading. The tots were good too. They need to add a place to get forks, knives, etc. My friends got the buffalo tenders (which were given to them with their meal plan), and they liked them, but they had a lot of sauce on them, and were messy to eat without cutlery.

We ate at the Frontier Inn on Saturday and Sunday. Overall, we tried the tenders, tater tots, waffle fries, and chicken sandwich. On Saturday the food was very good, on Sunday the food was OK. Overall, the quality of the chicken is better than the frozen tenders, but as others have said they are missing some seasoning. The tater tots were good but a little soft on the inside. The waffle fries were disappointing on Saturday. They were very crisp and light but the inside was almost airy very similar to potato chips instead of fries. The chicken sandwich is way over priced considering you only get 1 piece of chicken and for some reason the three sandwiches we received all had very small pieces compared to the 3 baskets of tenders. We were disappointed to find out that the specialty salads were removed from the season meal plan.

Overall, if I give the normal stands a 5 out of 10 for a chicken finger basket, I would give Frontier Inn a 6-7 out of 10. I would place Frontier Inn in the second tier of food options in the park. Personally, I think Pink's, Johnny Rocket's, Chickie's and Pete's, and Panda express are the top tier of the meal plans for food quality Midway Market sort of fits in this category depending on the day. I would then put Frontier Inn, Chuck Wagon, and Subway as second tier. As for the rest some offer unique choices that are worth considering such as fresh cut fries, walking tacos, cheese sticks, brats, and maybe pizza. Other than that, the other choices offer the same cafeteria quality large portions that Cedar Point food is known for.

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Skydiver said:

$13.50 sounds about right.All entertainment venue concessions are expensive. And, when was the last time your favorite concert venue or sports team built you a 20 or 25 (or more) million dollar coaster? That money has to come from somewhere.

What are you talking about? My Sports Team puts a team on the ice with an annual payroll of $70+ million.


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An my local concert venue brings in national acts with full stage productions and talented musicians.

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Also, at Holiday World over the weekend, we paid ~$16 for a turkey dinner plate that would put those measly chicken nuggets to shame. We probably had around 1lb of delicious turkey along with mashed potatoes and mac & cheese. Oh, and free iced tea.

While it's nice to see small steps in the right direction with regard to food at CP, they really need to work on their value proposition.


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The restaurant in the Thanksgiving part of Holiday World is one of my favorite places to eat in any park. That's how you do counter service right. Really fantastic food.

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