Front Seat Avail??

Does anyone know are the designated front/Back seat (only) lines available? At the start of the year I was told (when I called) that they were not.

Thank You !

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This is very late compared to the original post but thought I'd offer my experience from 2022. I rode front car on everything this year. There were a few rides where they were not letting people request, but we got lucky. Most rides, you can wait for the front. With the exception of millennium force three was never more than a 2-3 train extra wait for front car. I can see on a busier day that there may be more issues but we had good success. There are signs at some rides that day "due to the popularity of this ride, guests may be assigned a designated seat "

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And unfortunately due to removing multiple coasters if increased the “popularity” of the leftover coasters…..

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