French Frolics

Does anyone have any pictures or memories from French Frolics? I know it was short lived but wondered if anyone here got a chance to ride it.

I did, lots of times.
It was a small portable haunted swing/magic room ride. Think Houdini at SFGrAdv, only very basic. Instead of elaborate decorations and scenery, the room was a box with painted walls to look like a drawing room. The floor was painted to look like black and white square tile. The swing had two rows of benches that faced each other. No seat dividers or lap bars.
I liked it a lot. It was a very effective and disorienting illusion, especially for a ride that went nowhere. When it first arrived it was near the front gate, about where Starbucks is now. The old Rotor, in its second location, was next to it. I believe when Satellite Jets moved up there, French Frolics moved to the Blue Streak midway next to Calypso, about where Chickie and Petes is now. It only lasted a few seasons.

In the meantime I've ridden a few of the large Vekoma rides and my first one of those was at Carowinds. (It's been gone a while now) They remain a popular attraction in Europe, and Villa Volta at Efteling is an excellent version. Mack put one of theirs in at Europa but I didn't like it as well, I'm not sure why.

A quick google search led me to this from cpfansite.

You can find a framed black and white print of the same shot on a wall in the Town Hall Museum, and Rotor is clearly visible beside it.

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