Forbidden Frontier - do they make you participate?

I'd like to go into Forbidden Frontier and get some roasted corn on the cob from Provisions. But I understand FF is an "experience", where you go there and cast members act out some drama and get you involved in it.

I don't want to do any of that stuff; I just want to get some roasted corn on the cob! Can I just put my head down and walk through? Do I have to beat the cast members off with a club? Or am I misinformed as to what FF is all about?

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In my experience, you have to approach them. If you want to go just walk around or get food, it shouldn't be any issue.

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That is actually great information. A family member has autism and would love to look around there, but would be very anxious if she was approached by an actor. We avoided it on our previous trip this season.

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My boys have spent a few hours there participating in the “quests” while I just observed. For the most part the actors “act” between themselves unless approached but may say Hi or otherwise acknowledge your existence. Definitely not in your face at all so I think you should be fine especially if an adult is with her.

Both my boys are on the spectrum and really got into it and had a great time. A lot of it is stuff like bring this box over to the prospector and then he has some duty to perform or info to go seek out. She may actually get into it.

How is Forbidden Frontier doing? Is it a smash hit? I feel like it wasn't the runaway success that Ghost Town Alive was.

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I don’t think it would work out well if there were large crowds but it seemed busy enough the few times I was there. It really gives those in-between kids something else fun to do while the older ones go wait 2 hours for Steel Vengeance. My only concern is will the park keep up the staffing required to man the stations because without those actors all that is left is the play structure and pull ferry.

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The pull rafts were way to darn much work for now experience for my taste

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My girlfriend and I have just walked through it for fun twice now, never once bothered by the actors. In fact our 20 something selves found us laying in the "hammock" area of the jungle gym for a half hour. The jungle gym itself was pretty fun, even for us adults. 9/10, would recommend.

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I hope they tighten up the ropes on the hammocks some of them were dragging on the ground last time I was in there.

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I was practically on the ground last time I used a hammock from FF.

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